‘One Day at a Time’ Animated special: 3 Best moments from “The Politics Episode”

One Day at a Time Animated special: “The Politics Episode” aired June 16th, 2020.

One Day at a Time is back with a whole new episode! The show had to shut down production because of the pandemic, but they were still able to shoot an animated special before they can go back to shooting season 4.

With the presidential elections coming up in November, this special episode centers around politics, and how to address this topic with your family. Especially when their views are very different from your own.

From funny moments to meta jokes and some serious, important conversations, here are a few highlights from the episode:

#3 The different scenarios

We’re used to One Day at a Time being a live-action sitcom, so making an animated special can be challenging. It has its perks too, though. Like, you can do things that you couldn’t do with real actors.

The show used this opportunity several times during the episode, while everyone was making up scenarios about how conversations with their relatives would go. They were part of the comedic moments of the episode, from the characters’ heads literally exploding or a nod to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton character in one of those fantasies.

#2 Lydia’s Talent Contest

Lydia and her sister Mirtha (voiced by Gloria Estefan) reconciled at the end of the season 3 premiere. It seems, however, that this reconciliation didn’t last long. Indeed, in one of her fantasy scenarios, Lydia images a singing competition between her and her sister.

The scene is already great by itself, but it becomes even better when Gloria Estefan shows up… as herself, this time. This leads to a funny meta moment when Mirtha says people think she looks like her.

But this isn’t the only “meta” moment inside the episode. Indeed, during her final speech, Penelope mentions how a global crisis could force a TV show to make animated episodes. Just like it was the case here.

#1 Penelope’s speech

In true One Day at a Time fashion, the conversations took an emotional turn in the end. After imagining all those different funny scenarios, Elena came up with a serious reason behind Estrellita’s way of thinking. Penelope’s speech in answer was a very important moment inside the episode.

This final speech was very real and in-time with our current reality — talking about how we have to stand up for one another and not turn our backs to people who need us. 

“We have to stand up for one another now more than ever. That’s why we need to say Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter.”

And you, what did you think of this One Day at a Time animated special? What were your favorite moments from the episode? Hit the comments and let us know!


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