6 of our favorite LGBTQ TV couples

Happy Pride Month!

Nowadays, we can see more and more LGBTQ characters and storylines on TV. Which is an amazing thing that needs to keep going! So, in honor of Pride Month, we gathered 6 of our favorite LGBTQ TV couples. Let’s celebrate love!

#1 David & Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)

Schitt’s Creek is an amazing TV show as a whole, full of great characters and storylines. David and Patrick’s romance is one of them. They started as business partners, then quickly developed feelings for one another and ended up having one epic love story.

They never shied away from displaying their affection — whether through kisses, hugs, or even serenades. These two are simply the best!

Schitt’s Creek ended earlier this year, giving David and Patrick their well-deserved happy ending in the form of a wonderful wedding. They also bought a house as they got ready to spend the rest of their life together. We couldn’t have asked for more!

#2 Elena & Syd (One Day at a Time)

After her beautiful coming out storyline in season 1, Elena eventually found her significant other (or Syd-nificant other) in Syd. The two teenagers have a lot of interests in common and never cease to make us swoon and laugh.

They’re perfect for each other, with an amazing romance that keeps growing with every season of One Day at a Time. I can’t wait to see what’s next for them when the show finally comes back in the air for the rest of season 4!

#3 Nomi & Amanita (Sense8)

Is there a more beautiful couple than Nomi and Amanita?! These two went through a lot, yet their love always prevailed. They were each other’s families, who would do absolutely anything for the other. I mean, Amanita threatened to burn down a hospital to save Nomi — and I’m sure she would have done it.

Plus, they both proposed to each other at the same time. And got married at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Talk about an iconic couple!

Sense8 didn’t have only one, but several LGBTQ TV couples inside the show. Indeed, Lito and Hernando also shared an amazing love story, full of beautiful moments together.

#4 Magnus & Alec (Shadowhunters)

Malec Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters is full of several beautiful couples. One of them in particular seems to have stolen the heart of many fans: Magnus and Alec.

Indeed, their romance is one for the ages. From their very first kiss to their wonderful wedding in the series finale, these two gave us a lot of amazing scenes together. After three seasons and a lot to overcome, their happy ending was well-deserved!

#5 Maze & Eve (Lucifer)

Eve was introduced in season 4 as Lucifer’s ex-girlfriend wanting to win him back but, in the end, it’s someone else who fell for her: Mazikeen. The relationship between the two women allowed us to see another side of our favorite demon (Maze literally dedicated a song to her!) and had a lot of potential for an epic love story. Unfortunately, Eve left Maze at the end of season 4.

But there is hope for the couple! Indeed, Eve will be back in season 5… which means we can still wish for her and Maze to end up together for good!

#6 Alice & Robin (Once Upon a Time)

lgbtq tv couples
ABC/Jack Rowand

Season 7 of Once Upon a Time took us to a whole new location, with a whole new group of characters. And, among them, were Alice and Robin. AKA., probably the best part of this last season of the show.

Robin and Alice first met in the Enchanted Forest, before meeting again in our modern world — and instantly feeling a connection even without remembering each other. Because season 7 was still very much Once Upon a Time, so of course there had to be a curse and some lost memories! In the end, just like any other True Love couples, they remembered each other and got their happy ending when it was revealed Robin wanted to propose to Alice.

I still wish we’d seen said proposal as well as their wedding, though.

And you, who are your favorite LGBTQ TV couples?


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