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Top Moments of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 5 Finale

Legends of Tomorrow’s season finale was last week. Given everything that is going on, we need a little levity. For one hour Legends gave us some levity. Here are the top moments of the season 5 finale.

5. The New World


The Legends are back together and out of the tv. Now they must proceed and fight 2 fates. The first battle is Sara v. Atropos. 

  • Even blind Sara Lance is still the superior fighter. 
  • Captain Lance uses her new found power to pull out the Fate’s thread. 
  • She throws Atropos on the loom and cuts it.
  • The Loom explodes.

Although none of the mechanics of how this causes the Loom to explode are revealed to us, it was still great to watch. What happens after Sara defeats Atropos? You guessed it. She loses her powers. The bright side? Sara can see Ava’s Lance’s face again. Cue our #Avalance season finale kiss!

4. Legends v Encores (The Final Round)


In the final new world, the Legends have one more fate to go. Lachesis doesn’t make it easy. The encores return for one final battle. Not just one encore, oh no, almost all of them! If you are thinking, what I am thinking, you would be correct! This includes Courtney Ford’s Marie Antoinette! 

  1. The Legends fight the encores. 
  2. Charlie and Mick’s daughter bring them the hell weapons. 
  3. A soundtrack plays in the background while they fight. 

When I say soundtrack, I don’t mean a cd. I mean that actual artist is in the Museum of Bad Ideas and he sings the song, with backup dancers included. What song? What artist? Sisqo, “The Thong Song.” You heard me correctly! This show is crazy and we love it!

3. Forgiveness


Where is Lachesis? She’s hiding. Who better to fight her than her only remaining Sister? It’s time for Charlie to face her past once and for all and come to terms with it. Don’t expect an epic fight of the fates. This is a different kind of win. 

Charlie defeats her Sister, by forgiving her. Now that her Sister is mortal, Charlie wants her to live the one life she has left. She forgives Lachesis for what she has done. Clothos hopes Lachesis learns to forgive herself. 

With one last hug, Charlie says goodbye to her Sister. By showing love and forgiveness Charlie saves the world!

2. The Final Goodbyes

The Legends saved the world once again. The only problem is, the new world has its flaws. As predicted, 2 Zaris and one Behrad cannot exist in the same timeline. Only one Zari can exist, so Behrad can live. 

Surprisingly Zari 1.0 is the one who must leave. Since Behrad died to protect her in the future timeline, they can’t exist together. For those of us that wanted Zari 1.0 to stay, we must say goodbye. OG Zari says her goodbye to Nate.

“You gave me back the memories of the woman I loved.”

You hear all the heart breaks. Then she says goodbye to the team. Zari returns to the totem. As if that wasn’t hard enough, we also have two more goodbyes. Astra leaves to live a life on Earth. Finally, we get to Charlie. 

Charlie decides to stay in the past with her rock band. She wants to live her last human life. She wants to see what will happen. Maisie Richardson-Sellers left to pursue her own career dreams. We will miss Amaya/Charlie with all of our hearts. Cheers to nothing but good things to her in the future. 

1. Who took our Captain?


The gang is partying at Charlie’s bar. Charlie and her band are rocking out. Everyone is drinking, dancing, and celebrating. After their goodbyes to Charlie the band heads back to the ship. 

While everyone is chatting and carrying on, Sara turns around. She sees something that we are left to assume is a spaceship. A light beams down and picks her up. The very last scene is of our Captain being lifted into the air and carried away. Where did they take our Captain?

This season was filled with goofy, fun, love. Join me next week for our Season 5 review!

Legends of Tomorrow streams on The CW. 


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