4 virtual cast reunions and special TV episodes happening in quarantine

They will make you smile!

While several of our favorite TV shows had to shut down production early, some positive TV-related events still happened during the quarantine, most of them to collect funds for people in need. From virtual cast reunions to special TV episodes, these events helped us escape for a while and reminisce our favorite shows… and there’s still more to come!

Here are a few of them:

#1 A Parks and Recreation Special

virtual cast reunions

Who would have thought we would get a new episode of Parks and Recreation five years after it ended? Certainly not me. Yet, we did.

The cast reunited for a special, heartwarming episode shot from their homes. Between a ‘phone tree’ conversation, some interviews and commercials, and the famous ‘5,000 Candles in the Wind’ song, A Parks and Recreation Special reunited our favorite main characters as well as some other familiar faces from Pawnee.

It was nothing but 20 minutes of pure happiness!

#2 Virtual table reads and cast reunions

Several casts of old TV shows reunited to do virtual table reads of fan-favorite episodes. Among them, we can count the cast of Chuck, who reunited for the first time in years as well as the cast of Community (including Donald Glover!) who not only did a table read but also did a 40-minute Q&A afterwards.

Community was recently added to Netflix, so this reunion couldn’t have happened at a better time. Especially since fans of the show are still rooting for a movie! We don’t know if it will happen someday, but in the meantime, we can enjoy this virtual cast reunion.

Plus more virtual cast reunions are to come, like with the cast of Teen Wolf on June 5th.

#3 The cast of The Office recreates the dance from Jim and Pam’s wedding

John Krasinski created his own show from his home during the quarantine, called Some Good News. It’s through this show that the cast of The Office (virtually) reunited and recreated the famous scene of Jim and Pam’s wedding to surprise a newly married couple.

Seriously, is there a more iconic TV wedding than theirs?!

It’s also through this show that the cast of Hamilton got together and sung the famous ‘Alexander Hamilton’ song from the musical to a young girl. These are some good news indeed!

#4 One Day at a Time’s special animated episode

Speaking of the cast of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda is set to guest-star in a very special episode of One Day at a Time that is going to air on June 16th!

Indeed, the filming of the show’s fourth season had to stop because of the pandemic, but this doesn’t mean we won’t get any new content for a while. One Day at a Time will indeed be back this month… in animated version! This special episode will center around politics and will also see the return of guest stars Melissa Fumero and Gloria Estefan from last season.

I’m sure we can expect some fun times coming with this special episode!

We’re living some difficult times right now, but some positive things still came out in the past months. What were your favorites? Hit the comments and let us know!


Adèle Soutrenon

Adele is a college student who’s about to graduate in writing and translation. If she’s not writing about the TV shows she loves, she’s probably daydreaming about the TV shows she would love to write. From Brooklyn Nine-Nine to The Office or The Good Place and Parks and Recreation, you can say she’s a real fan of the "Schuriverse" and sitcoms in general. You can find her on Twitter @adele_sou – with all the TV shows she watches, there’s probably at least one you have in common with her.

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