‘Chuck’: Why you should binge-watch it while in quarantine

It’s an old but good one!

Experiencing a TV show live is great, but there’s also something very satisfying about binge-watching one that’s already over. This way, once you’re done, you’re truly done with it: you’re not left on a cliffhanger, having to wait until a new season comes out. Especially now that TV productions had to shut down and we don’t know when our favorite shows will be back. This is why I decided to give Chuck a chance while stuck in quarantine.

The show ended almost ten years ago, but you might have heard about it again as its cast and creators recently reunited for a virtual table read. Fans of the show are also still rooting for a possible movie, even after all this time — and, I have to say, now that I watched it too, I understand why. You can never get enough Chuck.

My binge-watch of the show turned out to be the perfect escape from our current reality, so here are a few reasons why you should watch it too if you haven’t already!

Its an action-filled TV show

Explaining the premise of Chuck by saying it’s a TV show about spies would be a little reductive, as it is more than that and it can appeal to fans of several different genres. Each episode does contain a lot of action, though, with many fight scenes and bad guys to stop. And, well, the three main characters are spies indeed.

While we’re stuck at home, they get to visit a lot of places for their missions. From their home in Burbank to France or even Thailand, you’ll get to travel vicariously through them. Their job also includes a lot of very fun undercover missions that make for great storylines between the characters.

… with a lot of funny moments

Chuck is a TV show with a lot of spy content, yes, but it also has some workplace comedy aspects to it. Indeed, every plot related to the Buy More — the store where Chuck works along with some other main characters who you’ll learn to love and care for — will bring you laughter. Even more than that, the different spy missions the team have to go on are filled with comedic situations too.

The way the Buy More plots and spy-related plots blend together, with on-point transitions between the scenes, is what makes Chuck so special and fun to watch. And since we could all use some laughter right now… this makes it a perfect reason to binge-watch it.

An amazing love story

Another thing at the core of Chuck is the romance between Chuck and Sarah, who’s one of his two handlers… and his fake girlfriend. Yes, you read it right: Chuck features one of the best tropes there is, AKA. ‘fake couple catching real feelings for each other.’

Chuck and Sarah have one hell of an amazing love story that develops beautifully throughout five seasons. It features a lot of pining from both sides, great balance between their spy work and adorable domestic moments, as well as funny and angsty storylines. What more could we ask of them?!

(Actually, I know what, but I won’t tell, because it would spoil the whole show for you.)

They’re the main, but not the only couple on the show. Every other romance we’re introduced to is almost just as endearing to watch as theirs is. Every other relationship is amazing, actually. Most of the Chuck characters are extremely lovable.

Some great music

If you love music, then you’ll probably love the way Chuck uses it in its episodes. Indeed, Chuck has one of the best soundtracks a TV show can have.

Each song either makes the scenes more emotional than they already are or makes them funnier. It’s a perfect match. Like, seriously, who thought of using the song ‘Toxic’ in an episode where our favorite characters have been injected a poisonous truth serum and are in search of the antidote?!

Also, trust me when I say you soon won’t be able to listen to ‘Rivers and Roads’ without getting overly emotional. Jeffster might become one of your favorite bands, too…

And you, did you watch Chuck and/or the cast’s virtual table read? What shows, old or new, are you binge-watching during the quarantine? Hit the comments and let us know!


Adèle Soutrenon

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