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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×13 “I Am Legends”

I am going to need a minute to process this episode. Actually, I may need more than a minute. Does anyone else need a minute? If you were like me, then your emotions were all over the place this week. Let’s unpack. 

Gods for a day


The Legends are Gods for a day. How does this differ from any other day? It really doesn’t. They get chased by some zombies, people kiss, and a whole lot of a*s gets kicked! Would you expect anything less? Here’s the mission for the day. 

  • Find a time watch and get back to the ship.
  • Use the Loom.
  • Get Behrad and Astra’s Mom back.

Sound easy? No. They have to do this all in 24 hours before their immortality runs out. Why is their time ship missing? Astra took it! If you recall, one of Charlie’s Sister’s called in her favor form Astra. In Hell you can’t renig on a favor. Astra steals the ship. 

The Zombie Problem


Astra and the two fates reunite on the Waverider. They must scour the ship to the find the rings. It seems as if everything will go as planned, except for one thing, Gary! Gary is still on the ship. The Sisters realize the Legends will find their way back to the Waverider so they must keep them busy. 

  1. The crazy sister calls on her zombies. She really loves her zombies! 
  2. Our Legends are on the side of the road in London, on a broken down bus. 
  3. They must fight their way through the zombies to find a new car.

The zombie attack is on. It’s all pretty standard, until the military steps in. The soldiers arrive and for some reason they think the Legends are zombies. Ava tries to explain, steps towards them, and they shoot her directly in the head. 

Have you recovered from that statement? They shot Ava in the head! Ava died people! I was not okay. Then we remember that she is a God for a day and she gets back up. The bullet falls out of her forehead. SHE IS OKAY!



While the Legends are fighting the zombies, Gary and his rabbit are fighting the fates. Gary is trying to turn Gideon back on. He gets electrocuted. When he wakes up human Gideon is helping him up. 

Gideon! Full disclosure, you kind of know right away she really isn’t in the room. She is either in his imagination or the rabbit. Either way it is always wonderful to see human Gideon. Gideon and Gary search for the rings. 

They come up with a plan to steal the rings. Gideon/the rabbit hops past the crazy sister. She goes to check it out. Gary steals the rings. Astra figures out Gary is still on the ship and they capture him! The fates threaten to torture him, if he doesn’t give up the rings!

They are all dead


Sara has a vision of her death. She has known since the beginning of the episode that she was going to die. Throughout the events of the day, she has been pumping Ava up to lead the team. Ava has no idea why. When they get trapped in a bar and they are surrounded by zombies, she tells Ava about her vision. 

Sara, like the rest of us, has no fear. She knows the Legends will fix it. Captain Lance has faith in her team and faith in Ava. (The writers are trying to kill us this week!) Soon enough the zombies break down the door. Sara gets eaten. 

We have seen Sara die 6 times at this point, so it isn’t exactly shocking. What was heartbreaking, was Ava’s reaction to her death. Someone pass me the tissues! As if that wasn’t enough, all of the sudden all the Legends start to die! YOU HEARD ME, ALL OF THEM! No one was prepared for this emotional sh*t. 

Save us, Charlie!

Charlie is left by herself at the end of the episode. The 2 sisters corner her on the Waverider. Charlie holds out the three rings and says…

“Let’s get to work.”

Amen, Charlie! Save our Legends! 


Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights, on The CW, at 9pm. 


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