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Top moments of the ‘Supergirl’ season 5 finale

This week The CW aired the Supergirl season 5 finale. Even though it wasn’t supposed to be a season finale, they did a pretty great job! We were left with some cliffhangers and resolutions! Let’s breakdown the top moments of the finale!

5. Eve Teschmacher


The final question: Is Eve a good woman or a bad woman? The answer, yes. I’m kidding. The answer is, good. 

  • Eve was sent to kill William.
  • The Superfriends rescue him.
  • Supergirl convinces Eve to help them.

Eve reveals to the team that Leviathan and Lex Luthor were going to kill her Mom. She became their assassin, to protect her.  Supergirl promises to protect Eve and her Mom. Eve tells Kara everything. Our Eve ends the season as a Superfriend.

4. Andrea Rojas


The first half of the season Andrea Rojas was a victim. Leviathan held her Father and his company as leverage, so she would do their bidding. Post Crisis, Andrea is a mystery. Here’s what we learned about her.

  1. Andrea/Acrata had not been activated. 
  2. She didn’t know her company was run by Leviathan. 
  3. They activate Acrata and tell her to kill Supergirl.

Supergirl is in Obsidian trying to save everyone, so Lena is the only one who can protect her. THAT’S RIGHT, YOU HEARD ME, LENA IS PROTECTING SUPERGIRL! Ms. Luthor is able to talk Andrea down and save Supergirl!

3. Brainy


What does it mean to be a villain? Were Tess and Andrea evil because they did whatever they could to protect their loved ones? One person straddles the line the most. Brainy. He teamed up with Lex take down Leviathan. 

Helping Lex carry out his plans isolated Brainy. He lied and betrayed everyone. Dreamer caught on. Brainy’s heart and head were constantly at war with one another. In the final episode, Brainy’s heart won out. 

He sacrifices his life to save his friends. Brainy enters Leviathan’s ship to shrink the Gods down and trap them in a bottle. The moment he enters it, he began to die. Will Brainy die alone, or will Dreamer save him?

2. Alex Danvers, Superhero


It finally happened. Alex Danvers dawned her superhero suit. My only question is, why did they hint at her getting a mask last episode? SHE IS NOT WEARING ONE! Anyways, I digress. She looked fantastic. Blue and black are her colors and she is killing it!

Alex and the Superfriends fight back the Gods at every turn! They serve as a distraction while Kara is in Obsidian. Watching J’onn, M’gann, Alex, and Dreamer fight together was quite a sight!

1. Kara and Lena


Kara and Lena are back. The two defeat Leviathan. They also rescue the people from Obsidian North. Most importantly Kara forgives Lena! They agree to take down Lex together! #Supercorp 

“One more bad guy to go.”

Our hearts melted when they finally forgave each other. Kara has a long way to go until she can trust Lena again. We didn’t get our hug, but we got a handshake. That will have to do for now. What did you think of the season finale? Are you excited for Season 6? Join me next week as we recap the top moments of Season 5!






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