‘Single Parents’ season 2 finale recap: “No. Wait. What? Hold on.”

Will and Angie have feelings for each other!

Single Parents season 2 finale: 2×22 “No. Wait. What? Hold on.” aired May 13, 2020.

Here we are. The Single Parents season 2 finale.

This episode focused a lot on Will and Angie’s relationship and their feelings for one another. So, did something happen between them during that drunken night they spent together? Did something happen after? Let’s see what went down in this week’s episode of Single Parents!

Who’s the cuddler? Who’s the cuddlee?

Single Parents season 2 finale
ABC/Richard Cartwright

This week’s episode starts right where last week’s episode ended: with Will and Angie waking up after spending the night together. The thing is, neither of them can remember what happened.

Thankfully, their friends are here to help. When Angie tells Poppy about how the power went out and they lit candles, Poppy gets an idea. She tells Angie to lit the candles again to see if the scent can trigger Angie’s memories.

It doesn’t work, at first. Or at least, until Angie smells one particular candle. Memories come back to her mind: she is the one who joined Will in bed (or rather, on the floor) and cuddled him! This realization forces her to admit her feelings: she might like him.

Poppy tries to make her talk to Will but she refuses. She’d rather hurry up and run away with Derek than confronting Will.

Will VS. Derek

Single Parents season 2 finale
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Speaking of him, Derek arrives at Angie’s house while everyone is there. He can tell something is going on. While Will is talking with Douglas and Miggy admitting his own feelings for Angie , Derek asks to talk to Will alone. He wants to know what happened the night before.

This is how he learns that Will spent the night at Angie’s house. Thankfully, Douglas and the twins are here to save Will from Derek’s grasp.

Poppy confronts him this time, and tells him about Angie’s secret: she likes him too. She pushes him to go and talk to her. Will already has a slide show prepared for her, and he plans to use it to declare his feelings to Angie. But before he can show it to her, Derek finds him again.

He tells Will he knows he has feelings for Angie and thanks him for keeping them to himself so that Derek and Angie can have a chance to get back together and be a family again with Graham.

Wait… what?! This is not how things are supposed to go!

Who’s gonna get the house?

Single Parents season 2 finale
ABC/Richard Cartwright

While everyone else is focused on Will and Angie, Rory is put in charge of picking who will sublet Angie’s house while she’s gone. Indeed, there are four candidates to choose from — four men, with three of them called Jared and the last one, Dave.

He enlists Miggy’s help with the task, who interviews every man. Then, in true Bachelor fashion, it’s time for him to pick who’s going to stay. Problem is, he can’t choose.

He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Thankfully, Rory has a solution: they’re going to sublet it to all of them! This way, even Angie ends up winning, since she’s going to have four rents instead of just one.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Will and Angie Single Parents
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Back on the Will/Angie/Derek love triangle, Angie finds Will’s slide show right after his conversation with Derek. She gets emotional while watching all these pictures of moments they spent together. But, when the slide show ends and it’s time for him to confess his feelings, Will chickens out.

We were so close!

So Angie, who doesn’t know he likes her too, decides to leave with Derek after saying goodbye to everyone. Once on their way to Barstow, she goes through the stuff Poppy picked for her… and finds the candle that helped her remember what happened the previous night.

There’s still something she forgot, apparently. Because when she smells it again, a new memory comes back to her mind: Will told her he thinks he’s in love with her!

How are we supposed to calmly wait for more after such a confession?!

Some more thoughts:

  • The show can’t end like this. We need a season 3.
  • Derek… why did you have to talk to Will?!
  • Like Douglas said, though, I haven’t given up hope yet!
  • I feel like this sentence works for Douglas and Poppy’s relationship as well. I’m not giving up on them either. I loved to see them team up to help out their friends.
  • I have to say, I love the titles of those last three episodes.

And you, what did you think of the Single Parents season 2 finale? Are you team Will or team Derek? Hit the comments and let us know!


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