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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×12 “Freaks and Geeks”

The Legends go Greek this week! The Ladies of Tomorrow rush. Nate relives his glory days and Astra officially becomes part of the team. Check out what happens when the Legends go back to college!

The Chalice of Dionysus


Charlie comes up with a plan to work the Loom of Fate. She needs three people to weave with her. Astra offers herself and so does Sara. (At this point Sara is basically a fate anyways.) The catch is, only the power of the Gods can wield it. Sara and Astra have to become Gods. 

  1. They must find the Chalice of Dionysus. It lets the drinker become a God for a day.
  2. Nate knows where they can find it. At his rival college, Hudson University.
  3. The chalice is in the company of a fraternity.

The Legends must return to college. Speaking of college, Mick’s Daughter is still on the ship. When she walks into the ship she kindly greets Ava and Sara as such.

“Hi, Aunt Ava and Sara.”

OMG Aunt Ava! How cute. Ava tells Leah she can tag along so she can tour the college. She also asks Leah’s help on fitting in. 

What’s up Dion?

While the group are looking around campus they run into Dionysus, aka Dion. He is old friends with Clotho. He tells her if they want the chalice they have to be Greek and they have to compete in the games. Charlie accepts.

The girls must rush. Astra and Charlie go undercover. Thanks to Astra they are banned from rush. Charlie tells her if she would have kept to the plan they would have made it. Astra is having a hard time fitting in. 

The women decide to start a new sorority. 

  • Ava takes care of the paperwork. 
  • They recruit three girls who got kicked out of Theta.
  • They make their own rules and motto.

John lets them use his house to host. (They transport it.) The girls start decorating.

Way to go Nate…


Nate and Leah check out the competition. Dion recognizes Nate from before. He welcomes them inside. Leah tells Nate to keep him busy so she can find the chalice. I love that Lydia is part of the gang. 

Dr. Heywood joins Dion in some drinking. Dion lets him have some of his home brew. Little does Nate know, it contains magic. The drinker gets lost in a state of euphoria. During his euphoria, he accidentally lets it slip why the Legends want the Chalice.

Dion marches over to the girls’ sorority and tells them he refuses to let them have the cup. They can’t compete in the games and he is going to get their chapter shutdown. The Legends have to come up with a new strategy. Who do they turn to? Astra.



Astra is not stranger to dubious plans. She informs them the best way to win is to sabotage. Zari hacks into the fraternity’s computers and messes with their music. Charlie destroys their alcohol. The ladies bring the party to their house. 

The party is popping. Dion arrives to stop them. Mick and his Daughter are trying to steal the cup, but it won’t budge. They realize they must win over Dion’s followers so the cup loosens. Sara does the only thing she can do, challenge him to a winner take all beer pong game! 

Does it matter that she is blind? Nope. One touch of Dion’s hand and she sees his future. She also still has her assassin reflexes. Take one guess on who wins the competition? Captain Lance. All is fair. Dion yields. 

Let’s be Gods.

Instead of the three of them taking a drink from the chalice, the Legends agree to all take a drink. After they do this Astra walks outside for some air. The fate from hell walks up to her. She reminds her, Astra owes her a debt. She is cashing in. 


Legends of Tomorrow airs on Tuesday night, 9pm, on The CW. 


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