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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×18 “The Missing Link”

Superfans welcome to the second to last episode of the season. You heard me. THE SECOND TO LAST EPISODE of the season. Due to current world events, Supergirl will not be able to finish filming. We have these two episodes left to tide us over, until who knows when? Luckily, this week’s episode was everything!

Secrets were revealed and plans unfolded. This week featured reunions, kisses, and kidnappings!



The Superfriends zoom in on Leviathan. They recruit the help of Pete Andrews, to research Leviathan’s symbol, because it’s there only lead. Gemma Cooper recruits the help of previous Leviathan member, Rama Khan. She gives him one last chance to redeem himself and retrieve something for her. The Supers pick up his trail. 

  • Alex and Pete search for Leviathan information at the library. 
  • Gemma gives Rama Khan his staff back, courtesy of Lex Luthor. 
  • As soon as Pete asks about Leviathan at the library, he gets shutdown. 

A person begins shooting at them. Alex and Pete hightail it out of there. Back at her loft, Kelly consoles Lena. She tells Lena that she is too exposed. Perhaps it’s time she goes full vigilante and wears a mask. YES! I think we can all agree, we would love that!

Lena’s Plan Fails


Back at the prison where Lena does her experiments, things start to go to sh*t. A few of the inmates get trapped in the elevator together. One of the inmates is afraid of small spaces. He starts to panic. All of the sudden his eyes turn black. He becomes violent. 

  1. Lex and Lena have him strapped to a chair. The’re trying to figure out the reason for his violent outburst. 
  2. Lena figures out, when his fight or flight response is triggered, non-newcherie fails. His brain’s desire to defend itself kicks in. 
  3. This proves to Lena that violence cannot be controlled. 

Lex laughs at Lena and tells her he knew all along it would fail. Of course he did. He is the worst. Lex wanted her to see it for herself. Mr. Luthor tells her what the world really needs is to be controlled. That what he wants to use her device for. Lena sees the error of her ways. She calls him a monster and leaves.

The Wrong Side


Brainiac and Lex’s plan continues. Rama Khan fights Supergirl, Dreamer, and Brainy. Little do Dreamer and Kara know, Brainy is playing them. He wants Rama Khan for different reasons. They are able to defeat Rama Khan. One would say too easily. 

The three take him back to the DEO, against Kara’s wishes. Kara asks to interrogate him and Brainy refuses. He informs her he will be doing the questioning. Little does he know Dreamer had a dream about him, where he was playing a game with everyone. The two listen in on the interrogation. 

Brainy’s shady a*s begins speaking Rama Khan’s language. Kara and Nia don’t understand the language. The only thing they hear is Lex Luthor. Brainy explains to Rama that they are on the same side. Brainy tells him he will let him go if he tells him where Leviathan’s ship is. Rama Khan reveals to him that he isn’t actually captured. 


Brainy is flies through the room. Supergirl crashes through the window to fight Rama Khan. All hell breaks loose. The agents in the DEO begin to evacuate. Dreamer, Brainy, and Kara are left. Battle ensues. 

Rama Khan begins to break the ground and rubble falls from the ceiling. Kryptonite falls from the walls. In this world Lex controls the DEO. Naturally, he would hide kryptonite everywhere. My question is, how was Kara able to stand in the DEO at all, if this was hidden in the walls the whole time?

Kara weakens. Dreamer gets knocked down. M’gann and J’onn arrive just in time to get everyone out. Rama Khan gets away. The DEO is reduced to rubble. This is a big deal. The DEO was the equivalent of the Arrow bunker. It was an emotional moment. 

A Villain

In the aftermath, amongst the rubble, Nia approaches Brainy. 

“If you can’t pick your side Brainy, I will pick it for you.”

Nia does exactly that. She walks away from him, in disgust. This was a long time coming. The moment Brainy decided to team up with Lex, he had to know this was coming. 

Fast forward to the end. The moment we have been waiting for, for 18 episodes, has arrived. #Supercorp Kara hears a knock at her door. She opens it. There in the doorway is our Lena. Lena apologizes and tells Kara she was right. She was a villain. 

Lena doesn’t expect her forgiveness, she just asks if she can help take down Leviathan and Lex Luthor. Kara pulls out a chair and tells her to sit. 


Supergirl airs on Sunday, at 9pm, on The CW. 




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