‘The Flash’ recap: 6×19 – “Success is Assured”

The only thing that's assured is that the real The Flash ending would have been hell of a ride.

The Flash episode “Success is Assured” aired 12 May 2020.

Well folks, this is it. Our unfortunately early The Flash season finale. Coronavirus stalled production, so this is the last episode the show could complete. And boy, even if it was unplanned, what a way to end.

The Flash has given us cliffhangers in the past. Remember season 1, where the end of every episode was Harrison Wells doing something shady? This episode takes the cake.

The Flash protective services

Barry and co figure out that Eva hates Joseph for not rescuing her and selling her technology off to criminal bidders. The “neural dissonance” of the mirrorverse probably didn’t help either. Now she’s out for Joseph’s blood.

Eva sends Singh to burn down a warehouse full of Joseph’s weapons – though Joseph later claims it is not his. She then recruits the remaining Black Hole assassins – Sunshine, Ultraviolet, and anime Dr Light. Seems like Joseph blackmailed them into working for him anyway, so the ladies were more than happy to turn on him.

Joseph has no choice but to work with Team Flash for protection. They hole up in McCulloch tech, where Joseph has a mirrorless emergency room. Unfortunately, his former Black Hole agents take down the external defences pretty quickly. This leads to a fun comic book-y fight sequence between Team Flash and Black Hole with red and black colouring and bold lines.

the flash ralph dibny
image: the CW

Meanwhile, Ralph learns that Joseph “freed” Sue’s parents from his debt, even before the warehouse – where Joseph kept his blackmail material – burned down. Turns out, Sue took her parents’ places in Black Hole, but hopes to use her position to get close to Joseph and kill him. However, she still puts her vendetta aside to help Team Flash fight Black Hole.

The Ballad of Eva and Joseph

Too bad Joseph’s emergency room isn’t as foolproof as he though. When his TV loses power, the monitor becomes a reflective surface from which Eva emerges.

Eva fires her mirror shards at Joseph. The Flash jumps in the way at first. Barry says that as despicable Joseph may be, it’s not up to Eva to decide he must die. (Bit rich coming from a vigilante, though.)

But Eva is determined. Maybe the mirrorverse has twisted her mind too much. Maybe she’s just deranged for spending so long in isolation. She forces a mirror shard through Barry’s body into Joseph, killing him anyway.

It’s not the bloodiest sight we’ve had on The Flash. It’s not the most dramatic murder. But there’s something so cold and twisted about the act that makes it gruesome nonetheless.

Eva reclaims her company and reveals her survival to the world. She says she was held hostage by Black Hole, but oddly credits Joseph for saving her. She also frames Sue for his death.

So she wanted to kill him, but still loves him enough to do that?? Gosh, their relationship is so strange.

At least that gives Ralph and Sue another excuse to hang out. Because Sue looked like she would have run off and lived with her parents happily ever after, leaving poor heartbroken Ralph behind.

One good thing about Joseph’s death: Joe no longer needs federal protection and reunites with the team.

Outside the visible spectrum

During the battle at McCulloch labs, Nash gave Allegra some mystic rock that she can activate with her powers. When Allegra used it against Ultraviolet, it seemed to inflict some mental torture on the assassin. Ultraviolet saw herself being injected with something against her will. Later, Nash reveals that the rock makes people relive their worst memories. So, what happened to Ultraviolet?

Elsewhere, Frost finally met Caitlin’s mother and they had some heart-to-heart. Before she leaves, she tells Barry to remember how he defeated all their previous big bads: he acted out of love for his family, friends, and city, not because he had super powers.

You know, these short little scenes in Caitlin’s apartment have been all really sweet. It’s a glimpse of the old The Flash we used to have.


Barry had his own motives for helping Joseph: he needed information to save Iris. Sadly, Joseph found it a lost cause. He claims the “neural dissonance” would have changed Iris so much that she’s not even Iris anymore. Barry should just move on. (Did Joseph try to find Eva? Did he try and fail and move on?)

Of course, Joseph underestimates how much Barry loves Iris. In fact, Barry was almost tempted to turn Joseph in to Mirror Singh in exchange for Iris. Nash notes this goes against everything the Wellses in his head have told him about Barry. After Savitar and Bloodwork Barry, is this what pushes Barry Allen over the line?

the flash barry allen
image: the CW

You can’t fault Joseph for such an outlook. His wife went into the mirrorverse and came out wanting to kill him. As he died, Joseph claimed Eva is not the Eva he knew – that Eva “died” six years ago. And maybe he’s right in a way. Because we see what’s happening to Iris in the mirrorverse…

The more Iris tries to read the screens in the mirrorverse, the more the neural dissonance sets in. However, she pushes through it to find Singh. Singh – the real one – is in the mirror Central City hospital sending out flares.

Iris finally forces herself to read the screen with Singh’s location, but it severely affects her vision. And then she DISAPPEARS IN A BURST OF LIGHT????????


Unfortunately The Flash didn’t really have a choice. And with the future of the world so murky, there’s no saying how or when this story will wrap up.

So, what happened to Iris? My theory is that in acclimatizing to the mirrorverse, she gained the ability to manipulate it. Or, now that Eva left, Iris is the master of the dimension. Or, Eva retrieved Iris from the mirrorverse to use her for something.

What do you think? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

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