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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×11 “Ship Broken”

Clarity. If I had to pick one word to describe this episode, it would be clarity. This season of Legends has been amazing, without a doubt. It was just beginning to get a little too chaotic. Television shows, for years have produced, “Bottle Episodes.”

It originally was to cut down the cost of an episode, so you had more to spend on another. Now, they are used to clarify things and catch everyone up. They are normally very emotion centric. Think of the statement, “laying it all out there.” This week was Legend’s bottle episode. 

Stuck on the ship.


Where to begin? This week the Legends are stuck on the ship. The main power has been shut off and the ship has been sabotaged. This normally wouldn’t be a problem except for, there is no one there to fix it. Ray, Stein, Rip, Jax, and Behrad are all gone. Sara would be able to if she wasn’t all blind and things. As a side note, if we still had original Zari they wouldn’t be in this mess! 

What is also different with this shut down, are the passengers. Rory’s Daughter, Astra, Gary, and a dog are all on the ship. Why is there a dog on the ship? Because Gary needs a support animal after his trip from hell, obviously. We will get back to that. Sara is once again not able to act as Captain so it all falls on Captain Sharpe. Ava, per usual has to figure out a way to fix everything. 

Why did the ship shut down you ask? Well there was a little bit of a loom problem…

Who do I weave?

Charlie has found all three rings. She is ready to weave. The only thing to do is pick which fate to weave first. What are her options?

  1. Ava asks to wake Sara up from the coma.
  2. Zari asks to bring Behrad back. 
  3. Astra asks to bring her Mom back.

Everyone begins to fight. Charlie, being Charlie tells them all to shut up and she will pick. She chooses to start with Behrad. This is why I low key still stan Charlie and Zari. Of course she would side with Zari. 

Clothos/Charlie begins the weave. There is a reason 3 fates must weave. Charlie cannot handle the weave. A huge energy blast hits everyone and knocks them all out. Not Sara though, they just leave her in her coma. 

Gary Jr.


Can we all agree that Gary should always have a support animal. He deserves it. However maybe not this particular dog. Why? You will see. During the blackout the three rings go missing. They all accuse Astra of stealing them and lock her up. I go back and forth on this and so does the team. Is she the most likely suspect? Yes. Should they lock her up without proof? No. 

  • John tries to exonerate Astra. He searches for clues.
  • Zari interrogates her. Which is as hilarious as it sounds. 
  • The rest of the team splits up to look for the rings. 

Who is the culprit? OBVIOUSLY it is GARY’S DOG! This is Legends after all! Gary’s dog was a dog from hell. He had the ability to tell humans what to do and they would do it. The hell hound’s name is Marcutio. Astra knows him. 

Next time don’t jump on Astra’s back. She is very helpful!

The Power of Sight


Our Captain awakens from her coma. She is blind. Clearly that won’t stick. Ava freaks out. Sara’s response…

“Ava, I had to train for weeks in the League while blindfolded.”

Our Sara cool as a cucumber. We find out her power is the gift of sight. Called it. When she touches people she see the potential future. She can change it. She sees everyone dead on the ship. Sara figures out she is the one who kills them. Why? Damn Gary Jr. 

Everyone thinks she is crazy, until Zari finds the lost footage. It show Charlie, Nate, and Zari being manipulated by the dog. Gary Jr. attacks and Sara kicks his ass. Even blind she is still the best fighter! Astra and John send the dog back to hell. 


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. As I said before it clarified a lot. Astra has no intention of calling up anymore encores. Zari has a vibe with both John and Nate. Rory finally gets his bonding moment with his Daughter. John is still on Astra’s side. Finally Sara still kicks a whole lot of a*s!

Next week the Legends go Greek. Be prepared to laugh for a solid 45 minutes!


Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights, at 9pm on the CW.




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