‘Single Parents’ 2×20-21 recap: Derek is back!

And there’s a lot of feelings involved!

Single Parents 2×20-21: 2×20 “Look, This is Obviously a Sexy Situation” and 2×21 “A Night of Delicate Frenching” aired May 6, 2020.

Only one week left before the Single Parents season 2 finale! And, after the events of last night’s two episodes, it seems like there will be a lot to unpack. In the meantime, though, let’s see what happened in Single Parents 2×20-21:

Douglas VS the breakup

Single Parents 2×20-21
ABC/Richard Cartwright

As we know, Poppy broke up with Douglas. While Angie is there for her, Will and Miggy team up to talk to Douglas. He is, surprisingly, a wreck and refuses his friends’ help, to the point that he sneaks out of his house and leaves them there.

Will and Miggy argue about whether they should leave him alone or not… and accidentally let it slip in front of the twins and Rory that their parents broke up. This mistake turns out to be a blessing in disguise, though, since Rory knows exactly where to find Douglas: at the Presidential Library museum.

But Rory doesn’t want to help. He wants to kill Douglas for breaking his mother’s heart. Or at least, until he learns the truth: Douglas didn’t break up with Poppy. She did.

The two have a heartfelt (and very sweet) conversation about how they grew to like each other, and Rory convinces Douglas that he needs to win Poppy back.

Meanwhile, Miggy and Will have their own heartfelt conversation about dating someone else from their group of friends. While Will says it’s a bad idea, Miggy tells him that it’s better to try than to let feelings eat you up, hinting at the fact that he should let Angie know how he feels about her. I couldn’t agree more with him!

Does Angie have feelings for Derek again?

Single Parents 2×20-21
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

While Angie and Poppy are talking about the breakup, Derek comes to pick up Graham. He’s slowly changing and makes a lot of efforts to be a better person and father to his son. Poppy asks Angie if she’s starting to have feelings for him again, but she denies it.

That is, until Poppy and Angie get into a fight after Angie tells Poppy that she’s being mean for not giving Douglas a reason why she broke up with him. Angie admits that she might be considering getting back together with Derek. He hears the conversation between the two women and, while Angie tries to deflect at first, he tells her that he would like to start over as well. He offers her to spend the summer with him to figure out what it is between them.

Angie goes to tell Poppy and apologize, who in turn apologizes as well and admits that Angie was right. Poppy and Douglas meet. If at first, Douglas was ready to do anything to get back together with Poppy, when she tells him the reason why she broke up with him, they both have to admit they can’t get back together. Even though they love each other.

Will definitely has feelings for Angie

Will and Angie
ABC/Raymond Liu

His conversation with Miggy pushes Will to go talk to Angie. Unfortunately, when he’s about to tell her how he feels, she tells him about Derek and how he invited her to spend the summer with him. She also tells him that she considers going. So, Will leaves without telling her anything.

The next day, Miggy confronts him about it. Will thinks Angie won’t be able to spend the summer with Derek because of Graham. But Graham is finally able to go to Space Camp, which Angie takes as a sign that she should spend the summer with Derek. Another sign comes her way when she gets fired from her job.

It’s the final straw that makes her agree to go with Derek.

Will deals with the news in a very… Will way, getting her job back for her so that she won’t be able to leave. It doesn’t make her change her mind, though. On the opposite, this starts a fight between Will and Angie, until he apologizes and stays with her for the night…

… only to wake up the next day cuddling together. WHAT?!

The Parent Trap

Douglas and Poppy
ABC/John Fleenor

Meanwhile, now that they’re not together anymore, things are a little… awkward between Douglas and Poppy. Their conversations are the same as “two colleagues in an elevator”, according to Rory. Their kids are tired of it, so they try to take the matter in their own hands.

As in, they try to make Douglas and Poppy jealous. They make them believe that they’re already in another relationship. It seems to work, because when Douglas comes to pick up the twins, both of them mention each other’s potential new “someone”… and realize that there is in fact no new someone at all.

They talk with their kids about it, who confront them about how they say they’re friends but don’t act like it. It prompts Douglas and Poppy to call each other later that night and try to have a real, friendly conversation on the phone, telling each other about what they’ve been up to lately.

So… that’s a wrap on the Douglas and Poppy relationship, huh?

Some more thoughts:

  • That conversation between Douglas and Rory at the museum was unexpected, yet so sweet. Douglas is having such amazing character development!
  • Do we think Angie will go with Derek, or is something going to happen (has happened?) between her and Will?
  • I’m definitely Team Will. But I have to admit, Adam Brody does manage to make Derek lovable.
  • It’s always so good to see a storyline with the twins involved!
  • Miggy is such an amazing friend. His duo with Will works so well!

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×20-21? What do you think happened between Will and Angie? Hit the comments and let us know! And don’t forget to tune in next week on ABC for the finale!


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