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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×17 “Deus Lex Machina”

She is our hero, she is our star, now she is our Director! Give it up for Melissa Benoist’s Directorial debut. She did an amazing job. Without further adieu, I give you “Deus Lex Machina.”

What has he been up to?


After Crisis on Infinite Earths members of the audience had questions. One of the main questions was, how did Lex Luthor make it out the other side, for the better? On this week’s episode of Supergirl we finally got our answer. From right after crisis too now, we are taken through Lex’s journey. 

  • Mrs. Luthor convinces Lex that this time around he not focus on the Supers.
  • In turn he becomes a man of the people. 
  • Lex makes sure his Mother and Sister know what really happened in the other timeline.

This interesting thing about this is if Lex would have let his hatred go, he really could of been a good humanitarian. Of course, this is Lex we are talking about. He goes from man of the people back to villain in ten seconds. Once his Sister informs him in the other timeline, he was a puppet for Leviathon, Lex goes back to his old tricks.

Lex’s Plan


Speaking of Lena, Lex still manages to persuade her into a partnership. She is only doing this because of the Kara betrayal, we know. It still hurts though! Now that Lex has his Mother, Brainy and Lena in his corner eh needs one more piece of the puzzle. It seems no matter what timeline he is in, Lex can’t stay away from Eve Tessmacher. That’s right, Andrea Brooks is back!

  1. In this timeline Eve was forced to work for Leviathon, or else they would kill her family.
  2. She is a brilliant infiltrator and a badass assassin. 
  3. Eve hates the killing. Lex gives her a way out. As long as she plays double agent for him.

Our dubious two are back together. Eve leaks information on Leviathon to him. In turn he finds out who killed her Father. Meanwhile Brainy is still helping him with the Supers. Why is Brainy doing this? I have given up hope in finding an answer. Lex seems to have everything in the bag, that is until this happens…

I’m sorry for your loss.


At one of Lex’s speaking engagements Lena sees Kara. Kara is clearly upset. Lena who obviously cares greatly for Kara follows her upstairs. She offers up condolences for Jermiah’s death. (Who we find out Eve killed. She was set up.) At first their interaction is uncomfortable and awkward. Lena tries to apologize for the awkwardness. Kara rises to her defense.

“It sounds like the way you would talk to someone if they called you a villain.”

In her own way Kara kind of apologizes to Lena. Lena gives Kara a book that helped her get over her real Mother’s death. Kara takes it and thanks her. Later, Kara is reading the book. I don’t care what you say, Kara and Lena still care for each other. Their friendship is slowly boiling up to the surface. All we have to do is wait. # Supercorp

The problem is, Lex sees their interaction. Lex’s jealousy of the Supers begins again. Lillian warned Lex it would be his downfall. He would eventually start making mistakes. This brings us to Lex’s first act against Leviathon. 

Move #1

Throughout the last 90 days Lex has concocted his first move. He wanted the Obsidian 2 launch to fail, so Lex could bail them out. In which case he will be offered a seat at their table. He orchestrated everything, from Bates to Amy trying to take the VR down. 

Eve and one of the Obsidian members hatched the idea to house the people getting lost in the VR. Leviathon wanted everyone to get addicted to the VR, then once they are trapped inside, kill them all. Eve pushed the evil woman in the right direction, but ultimately it was Leviathon that went too far. 

Lex comes into the warehouse where the bodies are being housed. Right before Johnn and Kara show up. Leviathon kills the evil woman. Many people witness him saving them. Now, Lex seems like the hero. We also learn Lex’s ultimate goal. He wants to use the VR technology to figure out how to make your mind immortal. 

Eve Undone

Like many of the other realities Lex betrays Eve. She is in love with him and he is using her. He tells her this as his plan is now in motion. The thing Lex doesn’t know is Eve has a way of tearing sh*t down. He made the wrong enemy. With any luck, Eve will run to Lena and tell her everything. We will have to wait and see. 

This episode was brilliantly directed. I couldn’t even tell it was done by a first time Director. You can tell Melissa took her time. She captured some great shots. I look forward to seeing what else she directs in the future. 

What did you think of this episode? Are you excited Eve is back? Do you think Lex’s plan worked? Will Kara and Lena ever make up? Tune in next week!

Supergirl airs Sunday night, at 9pm on The CW.



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