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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×10 “The Great British Fake Off”

I will be the first to say, times are tough. We are dealing with so much right now. Through these trying times, we turn to our show for salvation. They always deliver! This week’s episode was packed with so many goodies. Let’s chat about it!

Captain Sharpe Volume 3


Here we are just minding our own business, trying to go to hell on the Waverider and Sara faints. Before the faint, she was seeing flashes of the future. Now she is laying on the bed in the med bay in a coma. I am not okay and neither is Ava Sharpe!

It is quite obvious that Sara has the powers of a seer, but they don’t reveal anymore about it in the episode. I have questions! We will get to that. Let’s talk Ava. This is the third time this season Ava had to take on the role of Captain. I believe by the end of the season Sara and Ava will be co-captains. No one will be mad about it.

While Sara is in the coma, Ava must lead the next mission. John and Zari are off to find the last piece of the Loom. Ava, Gary, and Mick are off to hell to find Astra. I must say Ava and Mick’s friendship gives me life! They are the new Ray and Nate for sure.

The pair we didn’t know we needed


John and Zari travel to the past to John’s home. John’s home is now a boarding house for travelers. The two check in as an engaged couple. It wouldn’t be Legends without a twist. Some of the other guests checking in are:

  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Brutus
  • Some Pirate
  • Jack the Ripper

While the two are looking for the ring, they realize they are in a house full of encores looking for the same thing. To blend in, John locks Jack in a closet and takes on his persona. Who does Zari become? Cleopatra. Do we love it? Yes we do. During the shenanigans things get weird. Zari and John form a bond. 

Correct, Zari may have two love interests. I have to say, I don’t hate it. Zari 2.0 and John have more chemistry than Nate. 

Welcome to Hell


Ava is fed up with Astra’s nonsense. If Astra doesn’t back off, she will kill her. Go Ava! Gary, on the other hand wants to save her, because of how much she means to John. Mick just wants to fight people. Our trio go to Hell. 

It is there they find out Charlie’s oldest Sister, Astra’s mentor, has all the encores and John’s coins. Astra shockingly, joins them to get the coins back. 

  • Charlie’s two sisters try to recruit Astra to be their third.
  • Astra agrees if she can have John’s coin back. She lies.
  • Ava convinces Astra to leave with them and change her own story. No one should be in charge of her fate, except for her.

Can I just say, John has been trying to win Astra over all season. Ava meets her for 2o minutes and she joins them. What does this prove AVA IS QUEEN! Sorry, someone has to say it. Can we just all agree, Ava is the best problem solver?

The Final Piece

Each Encore has a hell weapon. They all want to kill each other to find the ring. Whomever finds the ring gets a ticket out of Hell. 

  1. Brutus dies.
  2. The Pirate dies.
  3. John and Zari kill Bonnie, Clyde, and Jack the Ripper.
  4. Zari and John find the ring.

The two share a moment. The “Almost kiss” moment, before being interrupted by everyone. Back on the ship John finds Astra. He and Charlie have questions! So do I. Amongst all this chaos, let’s not forget, Sara is still in a coma! The mission is a success, so now they can refocus on waking their Captain up!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday night, 9pm on The CW.



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