‘Single Parents’ 2×19 recap: “A Night in Camarillo”

It’s time for a breakup… or two

Single Parents 2×19 “A Night in Camarillo” aired April 22, 2020.

Colin, Angie’s new boyfriend, is back in this week’s episode of Single Parents… and he’s got a secret. What is it? Let’s see what happens in Single Parents 2×19!

Is Will obsessed with Colin?!

Single Parents 2×19
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Angie has been dating Colin for a little while now, and things seem to be going well between the two of them. She finally found a nice guy. Or so she thinks. Because he has a secret.

Indeed, when he meets Colin’s ex-wife, Will learns that the two are still hooking up. He wants to confront Colin about it, but he and Angie are going away to spend the weekend together. Will thinks it’s a conversation that can’t wait, so he drives to where the couple is staying.

Colin already thought Will is obsessed with him, so this doesn’t help his case at all… Especially when he promises that his ex-wife is lying. Obviously.

He’s then the one who confronts Will, telling him that if he isn’t obsessed with him, then he must be obsessed with Angie. Yes, please! Make him admit he has feelings for her!

But Will only denies and finally leaves the couple alone. That is, until he finds evidence that Colin lied to him. He is still sleeping with his wife! Seriously, Colin?!

Will goes to confront Colin again, this time in front of Angie. Colin admits to her that she was just a rebound. She asks him to leave and she and Will spend the rest of the night drinking wine together and talking about how they do not have feelings for each other. Sure.

They also plot against Colin to find a way to get back at him the next time they see him.

What about Douglas and Poppy’s future?

Single Parents 2×19
ABC/Erin Simkin

Last week, Poppy realized she wants to have another kid. Now, she’s about to ask Douglas his opinion on the topic. She wants to do it during their dinner date at the restaurant. But then their intimate date turns into a shared dinner with Tony and Miggy, and it becomes impossible for her to have that “baby talk” with Douglas.

Thankfully, Miggy, who knows about it all, is here to save the day. He asks Tony to come with him to change Jack, giving the couple some alone-time. Poppy tries to talk to Douglas, but he starts rambling about how happy he is that he doesn’t have to take care of a baby anymore.

It’s become very clear he doesn’t want another child. Poppy leaves the restaurant without saying a word.

She doesn’t know what to do: she wants a child, but she also loves Douglas. It’s only after a conversation with Graham (who happens to always have great advice to give) that she makes up her mind. When Douglas apologizes to her about not paying her enough attention during their dinner, she tells him that it’s over between them — without really giving him a reason why.

What?! No! Are they really breaking up?!

Graham is in charge

Single Parents 2×19
ABC/Raymond Liu

While all the adults are at the restaurant, the kids are left unsupervised for the very first time. Miggy puts Graham in charge, but the rest of the kids don’t take him seriously.

Indeed, when he suggests they should all behave properly, his friends don’t listen to him. On the opposite, they decide to go somewhere they usually aren’t allowed to go: Douglas’ room. They jump and eat on the bed, making a mess despite Graham’s attempts at making them stop.

Then, something snaps inside of him, and he starts shouting at the other kids in Italian. He manages to make them listen to him, and they don’t question his authority again. Actually, they perfectly follow his orders and even seem a little scared of him, now.

When he comes back home, we don’t see Douglas’ reaction to seeing the mess the kids made in his room, but something tells me that this won’t help him want to have more children…

Some more thoughts:

  • Baby Jack is back!!! And cuter than ever.
  • Will might not be willing to drive to San Diego for Angie, but I would. She deserves the world.
  • But also… he definitely has feelings for her no matter what he says and she has too and I can’t wait for them to finally admit it!!!
  • Douglas and Poppy broke up, and my heart broke too. They need to get back together!
  • Graham. I love this kid.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×19? Hit the comments and let us know!


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