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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×09 “Zari, Not Zari”

Thank goodness the hiatus is over! Let’s see what’s up with our Legends this week! “Zari, Not Zari” focuses heavily on Zari and Charlie and we are living for it!

The Quest for the Loom Continues


The episode starts off with death. Charlie’s sister, Clotho is on the hunt for the loom. Her goal is to track down Charlie and kill everyone who stands in her way. How does she find Charlie? If you are like me you have been thinking this for a while. Clotho goes to Hell to visit her other Sister, Astra’s mentor! That’s right, called it!

Clotho’s Sister tells her where to find Charlie. Where is Charlie? She is in Vancouver, Canada! Not only are John, Sara, and Charlie in Vancouver, they are also on a set. What set? Supernatural. I repeat, they are on the Supernatural set! Legends went there!

Family Reunion


The trio arrive on set to find the entire crew dead. Sara is very upset about this, as she is an avid fan of the show.

“Dean is my hall pass.”

Clotho walks up to the group. Needless to say the family reunion doesn’t go very well. Sara, John, and Charlie attack her. 

  • Sara and John fight Clotho.
  • John uses his magic to hold Clotho off, while the other two escape.
  • Clotho shape shifts into John and leaves him bleeding on the side of the water.

Clotho pretends to be John and meets up with Charlie and Sara. He claims he lost Clotho in all the mess. My question is, if Charlie knew her Sister could shape shift, why wouldn’t she be more cautious about John? They resume their hunt for the second piece of the loom.

The Totem Quest


Back on the Waverider, Zari is loosing it. She gets flashes of a cat running through the ship. It’s Zari cat! Z chases the cat into the rec. room. Behrad is playing video games. He tells her to take a load off and play. Zari takes him up on his offer. 

When Zari starts to play she gets flashes or her former life: playing video games, eating doughnuts, and hacking computers. Zari begins to lose it. She can’t handle anymore. Behrad comes up with a solution. 

“You need to go on a totem quest, inside the totem.”

Behrad wants Zari to get high and go into the totem. He loves his weed. There she can speak to the ancestors and find some clarity. Zari passes out. When she wakes up, she is inside the totem. Who is the to greet her? OUR ZARI! Zari 1.0! They have a great chat. They end the chat with a hug. We miss you Zari!

What are you?

Charlie finally finds the second piece of the loom. She runs to get it. The dead crew reanimate. They begin to attack Sara and Charlie. Charlie fights them off making her way to the loom. While Sara goes round 2 with Clothos. Clothos shows Sara her true form. 

  1. If a God shows a human their true form the human dies.
  2. Sara gets blasted across the swamp. 
  3. She isn’t moving.

Charlie freaks out. She grabs the piece of the Loom. Clothos stabs Charlie with both of her knives. Clothos leaves Charlie bleeding out. She makes her way to the Waverider to find the other piece of the Loom. Sara awakens! NO ONE CAN KILL HER!

On the Waverider Clothos kills Behrad while he was trying to protect Zari. Who was still in her drugged state. Why am I not sad about Behrad’s death? I don’t believe he is really dead. We are dealing with Fate after all. After that clothos grabs the ring. On her way out of the Waverider Sara stops her. 

“You saw my true form. You should be dead. What are you?”

I believes this hints at the future episode when Sara has powers. Crisis must have shifted something. Sara fights Clothos for round three. Charlie cuts off Clothos’ hand. She opens the ship and Clothos falls into the temporal zone. They have the two rings. 


This episode had a lot of action. The story is 2/3 the way through. Here is what we are left with:

  • Zari met her original.
  • Mick and his daughter still aren’t getting along.
  • Sara should have died but she didn’t.
  • Charlie considers the Legends her family.
  • Behrad is dead.

What did you think about this week’s episode? How do you feel about Behrad’s death? Do you miss the old Zari? Tune in next week for another episode!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday night, 9pm, on The CW.




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