‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 7 finale recap: “Lights Out”

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 finale: 7×13 “Lights Out” aired April 23, 2020.

Well, this is it. Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 is over. I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that Holt was demoted to an officer and we learned Jake and Amy were going to try for a baby.

And yet, we have now met this baby, as Amy gave birth at the precinct after a blackout hit Brooklyn. But worry not: we already know the show is coming back for an eighth season!

In the meantime, though, let’s see all that happened in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 finale:

Lights… out

It’s time for the squad to say goodbye to Amy. Indeed, she’s going on maternity leave and won’t be back at the precinct for the next three months. However, when the power goes out and the squad realizes that it has hit the city, she decides to stay to help since Holt and Terry are nowhere to be found. Without them, she’s the highest-ranked cop in the building.

She tells Jake and Charles to go on the field while she stays at the precinct with Rosa. Everything goes well at first, until Rosa hears her give instructions to everyone… and ask for sweatpants.

Amy’s water broke!!! But she refuses to leave the precinct to go to the hospital, arguing that she’s not in active labor and her contractions are still too far apart to worry about it yet.

Rosa calls Jake and tells him to come back to the precinct because his wife is about to give birth. She’s grossed out by the image of Amy giving birth but still looks after her friend while Jake is out on the streets and makes sure that her contractions aren’t too close.

Push It!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 finale
Jordin Althaus/NBC

If Holt and Terry are nowhere to be found, it’s simply because they’re stuck in the elevator together. And if it doesn’t seem to bother Terry too much, Holt really can’t stand that idea.

Indeed, he’s got a phobia of elevators because of something he read when he was a child: city elevators are only tested every five years. Terry tries to reassure him by telling him that this elevator has been checked out only four months ago; but when he reads who did it, Holt starts to freak out even more.

So, to help him calm down while firefighters are working to free them out, Terry teaches Holt a hip-hop dance routine. This time, it actually works. When Holt starts spiralling again, all Terry has to do is to make him repeat the moves to keep his mind off what’s going on.

This dance happens to be even more helpful when Amy has no other choice but to give birth at the precinct. She waited too long and now needs some distraction while Jake still isn’t there…

A race against time

It’s on their way back to the precinct after arresting the man who caused the blackout that Jake and Charles receive the call that Amy is in labor. Unfortunately, they’re stuck in traffic.

They decide to go to the precinct by foot but an old woman who joined them earlier is slowing them down. Charles tells Jake to go ahead with the perp, but they hear someone asking for help: a man fell down some stairs and has a concussion. Then, they hear a gunshot: the old woman shot the perp while left alone outside of the building.

It’s clear that they can’t walk to the precinct anymore.

But when it comes to taking Jake back to his wife, Charles is never out of ideas: the small group find themselves on board a “pedal bar” used for a bachelorette party. There, they learn that the perp caused the blackout on purpose to rob several banks. The banks are on the opposite side of the precinct, but they’re near the hospital, so Jake decides they should go. They’ll meet Amy there.

Problem is, when the robbery is stopped and the power is back on, Amy tells Jake that she can’t go to the hospital. She’s going to give birth at the precinct.

The traffic is still stuck, and Jake will never make it in time if they use the pedal bar. Thankfully, Charles is here to save the day (again): he calls for Sergeant Peanut Butter (who’s now a Lieutenant) so that Jake can reach the precinct by horse and not miss his son’s birth.

He arrives right on time, right when the firefighter tells Amy that he can see the baby’s head.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 finale
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Meet Mac (short for McClane)

Once at the hospital with their newborn son, Jake and Amy talk about his future. They come to one conclusion: whatever he decides to be, they will love him all the same. Jake also worries for a second if he and Amy will manage to balance their jobs and a kid. He almost missed the birth because of his job, after all.

Amy reassures him that this will make an awesome story to tell their son in the future, and adds that she is proud of him; just like he tells her he is proud of her. OK, where are the tissues?!

Then enters Charles, who came to meet the new baby. This is when Amy reveals his name: Mac.

As in, short for McClane, the name of Jake’s hero from Die Hard. Of course! The rest of the squad is soon to join them in the room and Amy thanks Holt and Terry for their dance that truly helped distract her.

Wait… what dance?! Jake tries to act as if he doesn’t care that he missed it but as soon as Rosa tells him she has a video of them, he asks to see it all the while telling everyone to wash their hands.

A piece of advice we should all follow, by the way — especially during these times.

Some more thoughts:

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate Amy, who not only kept working while in labor but also gave birth at the precinct and without any painkillers???
  • Hitchcock and Scully are here to save the day… who would have thought?!
  • Uncle Charles and Auntie Roro… I hope this means they’re Mac’s godparents!
  • Do we think season 8 will start with a time jump?
  • I really feared for one minute that Jake wouldn’t make it in time. But thankfully, he didn’t miss the birth of his son.
  • Jake and Amy are going to make the best parents and I can’t wait to see it next season.

Here ends this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine — on a very cute note, without any cliffhanger and with the birth of the latest member of the Nine-Nine, Mac Peralta. I can’t wait to see how his arrival on the show will change Jake and Amy’s lives next season! But in the meantime, what did you think of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 finale? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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