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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×16 – “So Long and Goodnight”

'The Flash' is getting a bit hard to - uh - keep up with.

The Flash season 6 episode 16 aired on 21 April 2020 on the CW.

Hello everybody. It has been a hot minute since last had an episode of The Flash. Here’s a quick recap: Secret organization called Black Hole is turning meta-villains into assassins, helmed by rich dude Joseph Carver. His wife Eva McCulloch is trapped in a mirror dimension and has some plan related to her husband. Said plan involves planting a Mirror Iris while real Iris is trapped in the mirror. Ralph is chasing Sue Dearbon who is also after Black Hole. Allegra is mad at Nash. Barry is losing his speed. It’s all peachy.

So long, Captain

Joseph Carver sends Ragdoll after Joe so Joe will stop investigating his case. Ragdoll first tries to hijack Joe’s car. When that fails (no thanks to an amazing stunt by Joe), he sneaks into the precinct. During the ensuing fight, Joe takes a bullet wound when Barry experiences a speed hiccup.

Meanwhile, Eva wants Joe out of the way so she can get to whatever plan she has for her husband. She tells “Iris” to drain Barry of his remaining speed. Since Barry taps into the speedforce when he is emotional, “Iris” tries to use the situation with Joe to pressurize Barry.

Ralph makes an investment

Ralph enlists Cisco as tech support (aka security system hacker) for his next attempt to catch Sue Dearbon, because they haven’t shared the screen too much this season. Together they crash an investor’s brunch event at a bank. Of course, Sue is one step ahead and evades them. But Cisco figures out she was accessing financial information.

The data reveals that Carver is extorting Sue’s parents, hence why she is after him. On Sue’s next bank infiltration attempt, she and Raph have sort of a heart-to-heart. Sue kind-of-maybe admits that she’s attracted to Ralph. Although they both tell the financial advisor the idea of them being married is “gross”. Well, I have some news for you two…

the flash reaction gifs

Anyway, Sue gives him the diamond with the hidden black hole logo. For being a nice guy, apparently.

The invincible Joe West

David Singh wants witness protection for Joe, but Joe insists on staying on the case. He confronts Carver in person. Carver sends Ragdoll after Cecile in retaliation. The meta traps Cecile on a pressure bomb that will countdown more quickly if she leaves the chair.

The Flash fights Ragdoll hand-to-hand so as to not waste his speed while Joe tries to defuse the bomb. Customer phone service – Nash – looks up the model. Cue the classic “Cut the green wire/They are all green” moment.

Joe quickly switches places with Cecile, putting himself in the chair instead. The move causes them to lose a minute of the countdown. He tells Barry to get Cecile out of the building before taking his chance with one of the wires. Barry pushes against his faltering speed to race back and get Joe too. This whole process of events had my heart in my mouth.

the flash oh my god

Ultimately, Joe pulls the correct wire. The situation cuts too close to home, however, as he finally lets Singh put him under witness protection. (Shouldn’t Cecile join him too?)

We then find that “Singh” is a mirror duplicate, though! And now he’s successfully gotten Joe out of the picture (thankfully in a non-fatal manner, but still!!!) WHERE IS THE REAL DAVID??! I DEMAND TO KNOW IF HE IS OKAY.

A tale of two marriages

It seems like Eva McCulloch doesn’t have anything personal against Joe. She just wants to dish out her own twisted form of justice on her husband or something.

Their relationship is so weird and interesting. At the end, Joseph receives a gifted mirror, through which his wife confronts him. Sounds like they had some conflicting grand ideas, and Joseph had something to do with Eva winding up in the mirror. But then they do the touching-hands-through-the-glass thing. So are they still attracted to each other?? Are they working together in some way? But Joseph smashes the mirror contemptuously? I’m confused.

“Iris” argues with Barry because she couldn’t see her dad before he left with the feds. The confrontation kicks Barry’s speedforce tracker into the red zone. When Barry tries to explain why he couldn’t use his speed to whisk her there, she kicks him out of the apartment. I’m sorry, WHAT??!

Judging by next week’s promo, this is the tipping point that makes Barry realise the Iris isn’t front of him isn’t the one he knows and loves. FINALLY. I thought we should have gotten this about five episodes ago. Although I must admit Candice Patton has eaten up every single one of her scenes as Mirror Iris. The writers have also done a good job creating the character – just unhinged enough to manipulate Barry, but not too far off to impersonate Iris. Until now, that is.

Anyway, I really dig Barry’s jacket in the last scene.

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