‘The Big Show Show’: Allison Munn chats about her new Netflix sitcom, family shows and the WWE

'The Big Show Show' is currently streaming on Netflix!

Netflix’s newest family sitcom, The Big Show Show has dropped and it’s delightful.  The show features Big Show – a big man with an even bigger heart who is navigating retirement with his wife, Cassy (Allison Munn) and his daughters.

We chatted with Allison Munn (That 70’s Show and One Tree Hill) about this new Netflix show, her favorite family shows, and her recent crash course in wrestling.

PureFandom: Your new show, The Big Show Show is currently streaming on Netflix! How would you describe it to those who haven’t watched yet? 

Allison Munn: The Big Show Show is a fun sitcom that the whole family can watch together. The series begins with WWE Superstar The Big Show retiring from wrestling and taking on the biggest match of his life – his family.


With everyone at home right now, it’s a great time for a family show! Tell us about the dynamic of The Big Show Show’s family.   

I agree. We’re all stuck at home right now so it’s the perfect time to sit down with the whole family and laugh together. The family dynamic is a lot of fun on our show. You have the 7 foot tall, 400 lb wrestler dad (Big Show) coming to terms with what a post-wrestling life looks like and a go-getter, career driven mom (Cassy – that’s me!) who loves her family more than anything.

The three daughters all have distinct personalities as well. The oldest daughter (Lola) is from a prior marriage and has recently moved in with the family. She’s cool and confident. The middle daughter (Mandy) is driven, anxious and socially conscious and the youngest girl (JJ) is a criminal mastermind in training. The tight-knit family is excited that Big Show has retired from wrestling so they’ll be able to spend a lot more time together. 

What are some of your favorite family-centric sitcoms (past or present)?

Well, I love the family sitcoms from the 90’s like Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Blossom & Home Improvement. They were hilarious, heartwarming and fun. I also love more recent family-centric sitcoms like Modern Family, Arrested Development and Schitt’$ Creek.

Were you familiar with the WWE and Big Show before this? 

Before I got this show, I knew next to nothing about the WWE. Since then, I feel like I’ve gotten a crash course in wrestling. Haha. I love watching Big Show’s matches – they’re exciting and nerve-racking and I’m so impressed with the level of skill and athleticism. 


How does your character on The Big Show Show compare to your character on That 70’s Show

Oh, Cassy (The Big Show Show) and Caroline (That ‘70s Show) would have very little in common! Cassy has it all together and does a great job finding the balance between her home life and career. Caroline has zero balance in her life and chooses to focus 100% of her attention on Fez – the man of her dreams. Caroline was a nut and so much fun to play but I’m really enjoying Cassy’s grounded energy.

What is something you hope people will take away from this show? 

I’m hoping The Big Show Show will give families a chance to step away from the news for a bit and enjoy laughing together and I hope that they’ll love our big-hearted Big Show Show family as much as we do!

The Big Show Show season 1 is streaming on Netflix


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