‘Single Parents’ 2×18 recap: “Oh Dip, She’s Having a Baby”

Let’s take a trip down memory lane...

Single Parents 2×18 “Oh Dip, She’s Having a Baby” aired April 15, 2020.

Finally, Single Parents is back from its hiatus! And this week’s episode was pretty adorable, as it gave us a glimpse of the birth of all of our favorite kids while, in the present time, Sharon was about to give birth to her own baby. Just like in every sitcom, though, not everything went according to her birth plan…

So let’s see what exactly happened in Single Parents 2×18:

Where’s Ron?

Single Parents 2×18
ABC/John Fleenor

Before the hiatus, Poppy and Douglas decided to move in together.

In this week’s episode, they’re still talking about it… and already having different views about their ways of living. Their conversation is quickly cut short, though, when Sharon shows up at the door: she’s in labor and her husband (who is also Poppy’s ex-husband) is nowhere to be found!

Sharon doesn’t want to go to the hospital without Ron. Miggy tries to convince her that she should by telling her the story of baby Jack’s birth: he took his girlfriend to the hospital too late, so she had to deliver their baby at a gas station. A gas station that’s apparently used to this kind of things happening, because many babies were born there too.

But hearing this doesn’t give Sharon want to go to the hospital — on the opposite. Then enters Will, with his awesome story about Sophie’s birth. A story everyone heard many times already, apparently. But still: even such a magical story doesn’t change Sharon’s mind.

Even after she learns where Ron truly is: in Phoenix. Buying some big sneaker where to put their newborn baby for the birth announcement. How romantic.

So many babies!!!

Single Parents 2×18
ABC/Richard Cartwright

With Ron not coming anytime soon, the group decides to take Sharon to the hospital even if she doesn’t want to. This is when Will has something to reveal: his story about Sophie’s birth is a lie. He actually missed it, because of a job emergency related to some storm coming that day.

In other terms… he missed his daughter’s birth because he was out there saving the world. A true hero, in short.

In the end, Sharon doesn’t make it to the hospital. They have to stop at the gas station where baby Jack was born too. Sharon starts to freak out about having to give birth without Ron, so Angie jumps in and tells her own story about Graham’s birth.

So many flashbacks! I love it!

She explains that she went to Vegas in order to not feel alone when she would give birth since, you know… Derek left when he learned about her pregnancy. But she did give birth alone in a hospital bed, only to realize when her son was born that she was not alone.

People from the casino where she was playing while in labor came to see her, offering the baby a stuffed animal — Graham’s favorite lion. She then named her son, Graham, after one of these people.

This one story actually helps Sharon calm down, and Douglas delivers her baby with Poppy’s help while a montage shows us the moment when all of our favorite single parents got to hold their baby (or babies) for the very first time.

Who’s cutting onions?!

A liar lies… and lies again

Single Parents 2×18
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Mother and baby (who’s a girl!) are brought to the hospital, and Ron eventually shows up with the shoe. Sharon and he both agree on the name immediately: Shaqueline.

Ron still feels bad about missing his daughter’s birth and wonders how he’s going to explain it to her later. Will says that he won’t tell her but will simply lie… and lie again.

Indeed, his story about missing Sophie’s birth because of a storm is just another lie. The truth is that he met Regis Philbin while he was grabbing some snacks and just… followed him. It’s only when Regis Philbin talked to him that he ran away, wanting to share the story with Mia, who had given birth in the meantime.

Will swore on that day that he would never miss another important event in his daughter’s life, and he did (or, well, almost).

Ron also asks Poppy — who just told Douglas she really wants to live with him — to hold his daughter and… something clicks inside of her. She tells Angie that she wants to have a baby. With Douglas.

There’s one problem, though. He doesn’t seem to want to have more children.

Uh oh. Can you feel the angst coming?!

Some more thoughts:

  • THAT LAST SCENE! Poppy and Douglas being at the same place at the same time before they actually met… that was so sweet.
  • Will and Angie are back to being best friends and spending time together binging TV shows and I am here for it!!! Also, that hug? CUTE.
  • Angie!!! She truly deserves all the love.
  • I really hope Poppy and Douglas won’t break up because one wants another kid and the other doesn’t…
  • I loved to see all of their births, but I missed the kids!

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×18? Hit the comments and let us know!


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