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‘In the Dark’ Season 2 Premiere: 5 biggest moments

There was SO much going on!

In the Dark Season 2 premiere, Season 2, Episode 1, “All About the Benjamin” aired on The CW April 16, 2020. 

The In the Dark Season 2 premiere was PACKED with huge moments! There was action, mystery and so much going on and we are so pumped to see what this season holds!

Here are the 5 biggest moments from the In the Dark Season 2 premiere! 

That opening! The season opens with blood all over Murphy’s face and she looks as shocked as we feel. This glimpse is a month after the events of the episode, so we can assume that this season (or at least part of it) will fill in the gaps. We also learn that Chelsea’s brother, Ben is the victim! Yikes! 

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Biker down. While on their way to the police station to make things right, Felix gets in a fight with Jess and hits a biker! Thankfully, the biker is okay physically, but morally he sucks. He tells Felix he wants ten thousand dollars or he will call the cops. Not cool. Jess takes the money out of her bank account to cover it – seems like all is well, right? Wrong. The banker pulled out an IRS form which tells us, this is not the end of this. 

Dean goes free. Gah! Like Murphy, we thought that Dean (a murderous, crooked cop) would be heading to jail, but he’s getting away with it all in order to avoid a media frenzy. The Chief sweeps it all under the rug in the hopes of finally getting something on Nia. While we really want Dean to rot, we also don’t want Chloe to get hurt. It’s all very frustrating! 

In The Dark — “All About The Benjamin” — Image Number: ITD201a_0133bc — Pictured (L-R): Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason and Rich Sommer as Dean Riley — Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jules is dead. In Season 1, we saw someone go to Jules’ apartment to kill her, but it was still shocking to see the staged crime scene and a grief-stricken Darnell searching for any clue about what really happened to his true love. 

Let’s be criminals. Felix, Jess and Murphy have no choice now. With Dean getting away with everything and Nia not letting Guiding Hope walk away, the crew has no choice but to launder the money. Yikes. They have no idea how to do it. If only a tall, handsome food truck guy could come back and help them…

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and let us know! 

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