‘Single Parents’: Why Will and Angie would make a great couple

“Will They or Will’nt They?”

Do you miss Single Parents? Well, I have some good news for you: the show comes back tomorrow! And this last part of the season might come with a pretty interesting development regarding two of our favorite characters: Will and Angie.

Indeed, in a promotional video for this week’s episode, the show teases (among other things) what the future potentially holds for them, talking about their Will They/Won’t They type of relationship:

So, will they finally get together? Will’nt they? If you read some of my recaps of the show, then you probably know that I hope they will. Here are a few reasons why they would make a great couple — and why they should get together ASAP:

#1 They are each other’s best friend

Both of them repeatedly said it and, most importantly, showed it through their actions. This season more than ever. And you know the saying: marry your best friend! Although, in this case, they probably should start by simply dating.

But really, they already know and love each other so much that I’m sure they would work perfectly as a couple. I mean, they do act like one sometimes (remember when they compared each other to a married couple on TV, or when Derek thought Will was Angie’s boyfriend?!). Plus, who doesn’t love the good old “best friends to lovers” trope?!

I know I do.

Will and Angie Single Parents
ABC/Gilles Mingasson

#2 They’re both single parents…

Dating when you’re a single parent can be complicated. We saw many occurrences of that in the show. More recently, Sophie being Will’s #1 priority is what caused him and his girlfriend Tracy Freeze to break up.

Something like that would never happen if Will and Angie get together, because they are both single parents and are on the same page regarding their kids! Which leads us to the next, very important point:

#3 … and their kid already love them

Will and Angie
ABC/Tony Rivetti

Again, we saw many occurrences of that point in this season alone: Graham and Will get along very well (to the point that Will considers him his best friend too), just like Sophie and Angie do. If they get together, they won’t have to go through the whole process of introducing their kid to their new partner, because the four of them already are a family!

I mean, they did rent a cabin to spend Christmas together. Imagine all the other cute family moments we could get once Will and Angie are a real couple!

#4 This season showed them both pining for the other

Those first three points are important, but they would be meaningless without this fourth one: Will and Angie have feelings for each other. They haven’t said it and might still be in denial, but we did see some pining. Tracy told Angie that she knew her secret (AKA., she has feelings for Will) while Will was definitely pining for Angie in that Valentine’s Day episode. Did you see the way he looked at her when she left with Colin?!

And, well, they both admitted that faking a relationship together was easy after they lied to Will’s parents. I’m sure those moments weren’t there for nothing. These two like each other, and they need to move forward and admit it!

Will and Angie
ABC/John Fleenor

#5 Sitcom TV couples who kiss at the end of season 2 stay together…

OK, this rule usually works with Mike Schur TV shows (Jake and Amy, Andy and April, Jim and Pam, anyone?!). But my point still remains.

Indeed, two seasons is the perfect amount of time for a TV show to wait before putting its characters together. It gives time for some good old pining but isn’t so long either that it starts becoming too long.

Plus, after such a season full of pining, having them kiss and/or admit their feelings would be the perfect way to end it on a high note!

And you, what do you think of Will and Angie as a couple? Hit the comments and let us know! And don’t forget to watch a whole new episode of Single Parents on April 15th on ABC!


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