‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×11 recap: “Valloweaster”

It’s heist time!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×11 “Valloweaster” aired April 9, 2020.

The heists have been part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine since season 1, so of course there had to be a new one this year too! It even took place on Halloween this time, like it used to when the show was still airing in the Fall.

Well, at least it began on Halloween. Because then, just like with every other heist, some things went wrong…

So, what happened in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×11? Who won the heist this year? Let’s recap!

The Halloween Heist

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×11
Jordin Althaus/NBC

This year, the prize to win is a (cheap) replica of the Infinity Gauntlet from The Avengers, and its three gems that represent the three qualities of a Halloween Heist winner: amazing, human, and genius. Bill (Charles’ look-alike who keeps coming back each year for the heist) is in charge of keeping the gems in his pocket, and the winner is whoever will have them in their possession at midnight.

Or should I say, the winners. Because this year, there’s a new rule: everyone has to pair up with someone else. To prevent any betrayal (like it always happens), each pair is handcuffed together.

The winners from previous heists have to pick an envelope to discover their partner’s name, but when Jake says he’s going to go first, Rosa takes his envelope instead — she thinks it’s a ruse. Unfortunately for her, she ends up being paired up with Scully.

She’s right, though. It is a ruse, meant for Jake to be able to pair up with Holt, while Amy ends up with Charles, and Terry says he’s out of the game before it even begins — now that he won once, he doesn’t have to prove himself anymore.

This leaves Hitchcock out of the game. Which, after seeing him in “Jimmy Jabs II”, is kind of a shame — he can be competitive when he wants to!

Jake and Holt are the first to make a move: while smoke makes it impossible to see in the bullpen, they make their way towards Bill and grab the gems. This plan would have worked perfectly if it weren’t for Jake falling and dropping the gems. That’s when Holt calls his (not-so-secret-anymore) weapon: Cheddar the Dog!

He manages to grab the gems, but also… swallows them.

What does this mean for the heist?!

The Valentine’s Day Heist

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×11
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Amy doesn’t believe that Cheddar genuinely swallowed the gems, so everyone goes to the vet to see for themselves. The vet tells them that there’s no need to operate and Cheddar will naturally excrete the gems.

The squad makes a choice, then: the heist is postponed and will be back once they have retrieved the gems and everyone is free. Which doesn’t happen until four months later… on Valentine’s Day! Everyone gets handcuffed to their partner again, Bill comes back to the precinct (after having spent a very bad beginning of 2020, apparently — who didn’t, though?!) to guard the gems, and the heist can begin again.

Nothing happens at first… until more and more people start getting into the bullpen with flowers for Bill. Of course, everyone immediately assumes that it’s a scam and starts accusing each other. In the end, Holt says that he saw Rosa steal the gems and gave them to Scully, who’s now hiding them in his mouth.

Rosa comes clean, telling everyone that there’s no way they’ll try to put their hands in Scully’s mouth. And she’s right. It doesn’t really matter in the end, though, because soon Scully swallows them.

The squad is back to the vet (yes, the vet) to check on Scully and, once again, they postpone the heist.

The Easter Heist

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×11
John P. Fleenor/NBC

This takes us to where the episode started with its cold open, a timeline that’s close to our own: Easter! This time, though, there are only two teams left. Indeed, as per his doctor’s order, Scully has to step away from the heist. And so, Rosa can’t go on without a partner.

She asks Terry to pair up with her, but he still doesn’t want to join in the fun. Plus, she has to pair up with someone who can compare with Scully anyway. AKA., Hitchcock.

Or, a filing cabinet. Apparently, that works too.

Once again, Jake and Holt have a plan. People disguised as bunnies will come into the precinct to distract everyone, while Jake and Holt, also disguised as bunnies, will get the gems from Bill.

Unfortunately for them, Amy knows everything about this plan. She hired a fake therapist for Jake and listened to their conversations. Which is… not cool, even for a heist.

But it works, because soon the bullpen is full with people in bunny costumes — Jake, Amy, Holt and Charles included. And someone else, too, who comes in and steals the gems. They think it’s Terry at first, but it’s not. It can only mean one thing, then…

Rosa won the heist this year!

Just like every winner does at the end of each heist, she explains how she managed to get Terry to help her as well as trained Cheddar (and Scully) to swallow the gems, and how she got rid of her partner. Then, she reveals that during each of the three heists, she swiped the real gems with other ones, so that she has now become the one and only three-time winner of the heist. What a Queen indeed!

This leads everyone to start thinking (and arguing) about all the times they helped others win to know how many real victories they have. Which is, we learn, exactly why Rosa did all of this and her perfect way of celebrating her victory.

Some more thoughts

  • I know they’ve been married for 2 years now, but hearing Jake and Amy calling each other “wife” and “husband” still does something to my heart.
  • Also, those scenes of the two of them on their couch?! Like Charles would say, “I love seeing these glimpses of domestic Peraltiago!”
  • I’m still hoping that someday, Hitchcock and Scully will win the heist. Can’t wait for Charles’ turn too!
  • I’m SO glad Rosa won this one, though — it was about time and she deserved it. The way she did it was really epic.
  • “Tough March for you there, bud?” Same for us, Bill. Same for us.
  • It’s good to learn that Rosa still has Arlo. Now, if she could do like Holt and bring him to the precinct sometimes…

And you, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×11? Who did you want to win the heist this year? Hit the comments and let us know!


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