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The best Olicity moment in every season of ‘Arrow’

While some may like to argue against it, romance is at the epicenter of any superheroic narrative. It is the commonly placed linchpin of every explosion, fight, and villainous monologue. So, as the superhero’s presence began increasingly not only dawning a comic book page, but a TV screen, you will find that the actors that play them will often tell their own story that transcends the boxes of even the most rigid comic book panels.

That was the case of Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity. And while Star City’s resident “billionaire playboy” Oliver Queen had many ladies come and go, it was his chemistry with the non-comic canon* compliant Felicity Smoak that was truly undeniable.

* even though what is considered “comic canon” is fleeting with every reboot and new issue.

Chemistry is belief, and the deepest sincerity. Any character can say the right words, like “I love you.” But do we believe it? And it’s belief accompanied with that special sauce that births chemistry as vibrant as Olicity. And not a lot of TV shows or movies are lucky enough to have it.

In honor of the “ship that could”, let’s get into the best Olicity moment in every season of Arrow:

 Season 1

“Hold onto me tight”


This scene, and the episode as a whole, highlighted how putting Felicity first in a position as Oliver’s literal partner in crime, rather than just a “damsel in distress”, ultimately added to their romantic trajectory. They’re up close and personal in each others space while getting the job done… together. Holding hands, and holding on as tight as they can. It’s a cinematic representation of how in a blink of an eye someone you met not too long ago can become someone you couldn’t imagine letting go of.

Also, you can cut their sexual tension with a knife.

Honorable mention: First meeting

  • This scene is everything, and does mean more in regards to the totality of Arrow, but I had to choose the former by a .5% margin because I felt it hinted a tiny bit more at romance than the first meeting. But trust me, choosing between all these amazing scenes is torture.

Season 2

 “He took the wrong woman, I love you, do you understand?”


What’s miraculous about this scene is everything said here is the truth, and the closest Arrow has ever come to being completely Shakespearean. The fact that this confession is shrouded by a thin layer protective covering is what allows both of them to do what they do best. I think Oliver planned to do this as clinically as possible, and he almost succeeds in that goal. But the truth is a powerful thing. And the immensity of that truth never failed to shine brightly through the cracks in his green leather clad armor. He was hopelessly in love. They both were.

(Also, watch the scene, listen to the words, the reactions, Felicity did not know the plan going in… saying otherwise at this point feels equivalent to JK Rowling insisting the “t” is silent at the end of Voldemort).


Honorable mention: Oliver rescuing Felicity from The Count

  • Everything about it. The phone call. Leaving his mother’s murder trial. HIS FACE! The three arrows. His tenderness. Her tenderness. His reassurance. Her apology. His “no choice to make”. No one can beat this scene when it comes to heroically saving another person.

Season 3

“You opened up my heart in ways I didn’t even know were possible, I love you”


It’s here they both acknowledge that what’s between them is bigger that they ever anticipated it to be, and it’s quite foolish trying to ignore it any longer. What followed the acknowledgement of unwavering love, was one of the most iconic sex scenes on television. It was clear they wanted to savor every last minute of it. And WOWZA, is it hot in here?

Honorable mention: First date

  • The jittery nerves of the first date! And the iconic line “it was red” along with the implication that Oliver remembers everything about when they first met. Still bitter it was blown up 3 minutes in.

Season 4

“For better or for worse”

This was just so sweet. There’s a lot of content to choose from in season 4, but really you can just show anyone this scene if they ever ask why it’s supposed to be Oliver and Felicity. They do flirty banter simultaneously with sincere discussions about their future so well. Felicity “letting him off the hook” and Oliver’s bafflement at this. Yeah dude, when your fiancé finds out she’s paralyzed from the waist down and you don’t visit, she starts to panic. But he quickly recovers and reassures her. And she reassures him in the process… they really are magic together.

Honorable mention: Felicity taking a break from being kidnapped so they can discuss marriage

  • This discussion is akin to the hospital scene in that they discuss their fears and hopes with each other, while showcasing their best qualities as a couple. They are the team within a team. Also, Felicity is unrelenting in this talk, she’s just done and getting right to the point, which always makes for a great moment. And it was a holiday party.

Season 5

“I got you”

Bunker sex. It was a cultural moment for sure. Again, no one does it like them. I almost want to run into this scene like the mom from Mean Girls (you know what I’m talking about, wink wink, nudge nudge). The episode as a whole brought to light a lot about the Olicity relationship, and ultimately healed some of their problems. But I’m choosing the bunker sex specifically because along with the sheer hotness, it conveyed that Oliver and Felicity’s problem was never a lack of love.

Honorable mention: Felicity and Oliver chat about how best to stop Chase

  • Oliver wanting to save Felicity’s soul. This scene is poetic cinema and is extremely underrated.

Season 6

“My greatest fear in life is losing you”

How am I to supposed choose one single moment from the Olicity Movie (otherwise known as Crisis on Earth X)? But if I must, it has to be the actual marriage part. Because we were waiting a LONG time for it! And it was like a weight off my shoulders.

Honorable mention: Felicity saves Oliver

  • Oliver wonders why anyone ever chooses to stay (that pesky self hatred), so when Felicity said, “I’m glue, baby” I felt that.

Season 7

“We are the best parts of each other, and that is so much bigger than the frickin’ universe”

I mean, saying goodbye, potentially forever, better have been a top contender! And it truly didn’t disappoint. Felicity’s determination and faith she will be with him again, because the alternative is the thing that’s unthinkable. And Oliver laying out what Felicity means to him. Everything about it never fails to induce a noble tear, or more likely a full on sob.

Honorable mention: Oliver tells Felicity she will always be the love of his life

  • We never get tired of them saying they’re each other’s forever. And it was extra sweet in that moment that Felicity realized it was Oliver (not Barry).

Season 8

“Lucky for us, we have all the time in the world for me to tell it to you”

Olicity scenes were sparse in this 10 episode season, but the fact that the very last scene of Arrow is Oliver and Felicity reuniting just reaffirms how they were the most important relationship of the show, and it was the only way to properly end it.

 Honorable mention: The “it’s supposed to be red” moment

  • It was a meta moment in that Felicity Smoak should have been there.


And there you have it folks, the best Olicity moment in every season. Rejoice in all the goodies you were given with this couple. Until next time!

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