‘Manifest’ season 2 finale: “Icing Conditions”


Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 13, “Icing Conditions,” aired April 6, 2020.

Season 2 finale of Manifest already? Say whatttttt?! Last week, we saw Mic and Zeke get married, but things didn’t end so smoothly for the couple. Cal was kidnapped by the creepy shadows! Let’s see what happens during tonight’s finale.

Finding Cal

Mic tells Ben and Grace that she’s going to get the drugs back to save Cal. Zeke is not doing so well as his death date is fast approaching. It’s then that he has a calling of him freezing to death, and my gosh, someone please save him! Mic heads to the station to get the drugs, but Jared needs to clear some things. He authorizes the transaction for her. And joins the fight to get Cal back. LET’S GO!

Saanvi and Vance are on the case. They see The Major in the flesh. Saanvi decides to approach her, and The Major knows that Vance is alive. This lady is crazy, and she knows about Zeke. This lady definitely be creeping. 

Secret exchanges

The exchange is happening — they are all in place. Mic has a slip up when a passerby calls another cop to investigate the bag under the bench. Damnit, lady! Ben starts to chase after Cal, which is NOT gonna end well. 

They all end up in the Captain’s office, and she is pissed. Mic decides to quit, but the Captain doesn’t accept her resignation. Yes, girl. Now the cops are involved in the kidnapping. Mic goes to apologize to Ben, but he’s upset that she didn’t listen to the callings. Saanvi and Vance are also in a bit of a tiff. 

Zeke has another calling, but this time he sees Cal when he dies. 

Meanwhile, the shadows are all fighting. Well, at least one of the bad guys is kind of looking after Cal. Olive receives a text from a number who she believes to be Cal, and apparently she knows where Cal is. Well, that sounds pretty promising. 

Rescue mission

Turns out, Zeke saw familiar things in the calling. Zeke isn’t sitting around not doing anything — he’s going to come with to save Cal, too. He even tells Jared that he’s glad he’ll be here for Mic after he dies. Don’t say stuff like that, man! However, when they arrive to the place they suspect Cal is at, they don’t find them there. 

Grace convinces the Captain to let Mic go rogue to save Cal. That was quite the threat, Grace, but I guess it worked in her favor. 

Saanvi is fearless in the face of danger, once again approaching The Major. As she’s talking to Saanvi, The Major is having problems breathing, and Saanvi concludes The Major has an expiration date, too. As she’s on death bed, she reveals to Saanvi nothing will save the passengers. Oh my gosh! I did not see that coming. Like at all. Wow — she’s really dead.

A miracle, guys

As Zeke waits in the car, he has another calling with Cal. So, he decides to venture from the confines of the car and shortly collapses. They can’t do this to me! Meanwhile, the nice bad guy lets Cal get away just as Mic and Ben find their hideout. Back out they go. Lightning strikes the ice they were all standing on and the ice collapses. Zeke goes in after Cal falls in. Just as Zeke comes to surface, someone pulls him back down, but he’s able to escape.

He did NOT JUST DIE. HE DID NOT. A miracle happens, though, because Zeke lives! Apparently, the three men’s bodies were not found in the lake. Confused is an understatement. 

Vance finds Saanvi who confesses that she killed The Major. Poor Saanvi; she only wanted to help save the passengers. 

Ben has another calling of the plane exploding. Hmmm. We flash to a fishing boat who pulls out part of the plane’s wings. Again, hmmm. 

More Manifest musings

  • Don’t mess with Momma Grace!
  • I would just like to say, as it is the finale, I was hard on Jared through most of the series. He’s really coming around now.
  • That argument scene between Ben and Mic was powerful. Holy cow.
  • Everyone and their mother is fighting. 
  • If they don’t find a way to save Zeke, I will never watch TV again. Seriously, one of my faves was just killed off one of my shows last week, and I can’t have another. That would be uncool. 
  • If I had been running through this snow, I would have totally broken both of my legs. 
  • Insert swear word here. 
  • This cast is giving some unbelievable performances in this episode. Claps.

Well, that is all for season 2 of Manifest! I am so relived that Zeke didn’t die — I really thought he was a goner. What did you think of the finale? Comment below or tweet us!

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