‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×10 recap: “Admiral Peralta”

Is Jake and Amy’s future baby a boy or a girl?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10 “Admiral Peralta” aired April 2, 2020.

Whether you were Team Boy, Team Girl or Team Who Cares?!, this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine revealed the sex of Jake and Amy’s future baby… in a rather chaotic way. We also met Jake’s grandfather, Terry wanted to join the NYPD band, and Hitchcock and Scully surprised us in a positive way.

Let’s see what exactly went down in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10:

Three generations of Peraltas

After finally telling the squad that they’re pregnant (and not receiving the reactions they thought they would — as it turns out, they already knew about it), it’s time for Jake and Amy to discover the sex of their future baby. Jake invites his father to the party, who tells him he hopes he and Amy are having a girl. Indeed, according to him, Peralta men don’t get along.

They’re cursed.

We all know what a bad father Roger was to Jake, but apparently his own father wasn’t better. Jake doesn’t want to believe in that curse (things between him and Roger are going really well now, after all) so he reaches out to his grandfather in hopes that he could help the two men reconcile. And if at first, it doesn’t work, he eventually manages to make them bond over (terrible) memories they share.

All is well, then.

Or not really. Because in their newfound enthusiasm, they let the cake that’s supposed to reveal the baby’s sex fall onto the floor. They try to clean everything while blindfolded, so as not to see the inside of the cake. They think they succeeded but obviously, they didn’t.

When they take their blindfolds off, they realize with wild horror that they made even more of a mess inside the kitchen. There’s blue everywhere.

Which means Jake and Amy are having a boy! But Amy isn’t here, so she doesn’t know it…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10
John P. Fleenor/NBC


Last week, we got J.K. Simmons. This week, we got Whiplash… or kind of.

Terry wants to audition to be part of the NYPD band after one of the musicians retires. He asks for Holt’s help with it, but the Captain declines, saying that the band is terrible.

Terry can only count on Charles, then, whose enthusiasm isn’t really helping. Indeed, he’d like some more constructive criticism. This is when Charles sees Holt try to discreetly watch them through the window.

The two men confront him: Holt lied. He doesn’t think the band is bad. And he thinks Terry is good at playing the flute. But he doesn’t want to help him with it, because he thinks that his methods would destroy their friendship.

Terry says he can handle it, so Holt eventually agrees to teach him. Bad idea. Because Holt doesn’t let him take a break, pushing him more and more, to the point that Terry can’t deal with it anymore. He tells Holt that he doesn’t want his help anymore.

When he goes to pass the audition, though, Holt comes and makes a whole speech about Terry that’s supposed to be encouraging. (Emphasis on supposed to.) But as it turns out, Terry doesn’t even have to audition: he’s the only flautist to audition, so they welcome him into the band without even having to play first.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10
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Hitchcock and Scully are good people

We saw it in the episode dedicated to them at the beginning of season 6, and we saw it again in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10: even if they’re often portrayed as two lazy men who aren’t really good at their job, and a little disgusting sometimes (OK, often), Hitchcock and Scully are inherently good people.

Indeed, when Amy gives them an important case she didn’t know the Mayor was interested in, she and Rosa try to go through Hitchcock and Scully’s desks to find something that could help them solve it. That’s when Amy finds an important piece of paper: some witness gave a full, crucial statement. But there’s a catch, obviously.

Hitchcock and Scully forgot to write down the person’s information, which means if the case goes to court, they won’t be able to contact the witness and ask for their statement.

When asked about it, Hitchcock and Scully tell Amy and Rosa that they’re not playing by the rules. But when Amy and Rosa get close to discovering the person’s identity, they come clean about what truly happened: the witness was undocumented. Hitchcock and Scully deliberately didn’t take his contact information to prevent him from possibly being arrested by ICE.

See? Good people!

This raised the issue of many immigrants not daring to share crimes they saw because of that fear. In the end, Amy and Rosa obviously respect that person’s privacy. They still have to punish Hitchcock and Scully for screwing up the case… by giving them a one-week paid suspension.

As in, some (well-deserved, to be honest) vacation.

“Oh my god, what’s inside of me?!”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10
John P. Fleenor/NBC

After destroying the cake and discovering the sex of their baby without her being here, Jake calls Charles to save the day. He puts all the Peralta men to work to bake a new cake. Unfortunately, something must go wrong, because when Amy cuts it to discover the sex of the baby… it’s green!

Are they having a baby Shrek???

Jake has to come clean, then, but is interrupted by his father, who cut his thumb… again. Well, actually this time it’s the other one. Jake takes Roger to the hospital and the two have an emotional conversation about how the Peralta men aren’t cursed and Jake will be a great father.

He’s already being an amazing person, who’s doing his best and is already more excited than ever to be a father. His son will love him for sure, Roger assures him.

With all of this, Amy still doesn’t know the sex of their future baby. Jake buys another cake for just the two of them to eat at the precinct, but when she opens the box, it’s empty. Enters Scully, with his mouth full of blue cake — of course, he is the one who ate it!

So Amy finally knows they’re having a boy, and she and Jake get all excited together. They truly are going to be the cutest parents, and I can’t wait to see it!

Some more thoughts

  • It was rather refreshing and nice to hear the show call it a “sex reveal party” instead of “gender reveal”, talking about the “biological sex” of the future baby.
  • Charles’ reactions to Jake and Amy’s love story will never get old. It’s a hilarious (and very relatable, to be honest) running joke that I hope will never end.
  • Jake and Amy’s baby is going to be so loved!!! I can’t wait to see it.
  • Roger Peralta is finally starting to redeem himself and I LOVE to see that! This whole scene at the hospital was amazing.
  • Did you see the pictures of Jake and Amy at their wedding and of the baby’s ultrasound in their apartment?! SO. CUTE.
  • The show making fun of the way TV shows (themselves included) usually try to hide pregnancies was really funny.

And you, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10? Are you happy that Jake and Amy are having a boy? Hit the comments and let us know!


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