‘The Good Doctor’ season 3 finale: “I Love You”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 20, “I Love You,” aired March 30, 2020.

I really don’t want to cry tonight, but we all know that I’ll be crying tonight after part one of the finale. The time has come for the season 3 finale of The Good Doctor. Does it have to be over, though? It’ll sure be nerve-wracking af, but let’s see what happens!

I’m fine

Morgan is back in the ER; Melendez is in the ambulance; and Park and Lim are working on their patient. Meanwhile, Shaun is trying to reach out to someone that’s not Lea because the basement is starting to flood. Back at the hospital, Andrews takes over Morgan’s surgery.

Claire is tending to Melendez, who is bleeding internally. I’m not a doctor, but that doesn’t seem good. Oh gosh, oh gosh. Claire goes to Lim with Melendez’s medical stuff, and the look she gave. Why don’t you just rip out my heart, The Good Doctor writers? 

Things aren’t looking good for the young patient Park has been with. Unfortunately, he is going to die. Shaun is still trying to break free from the basement. 

Please no no no no

Claire and Lim are doing surgery for Melendez. Okay, Melendez is awake, you guys. Things at the brewery aren’t looking great, and Shaun’s patient tells him that he needs to go and save himself. He decides that he can’t cut through the rebar but he can cut through her leg. Shaun wanting to save the woman, too is just…there are no words. Incredibly selfless. 

Is he really gonna cut off her leg? I can’t watch this. The woman tells Shaun that if she doesn’t make it, he has to move on from Lea. 

Park tries to make his patient talk to him. He reveals that he killed his mother. Um, what? His mother had OD’ed in her sleep and he blames it on himself because he saw her pills and never told anyone. Park is there for him, making him believe he’s talking with his dad, and I can’t get over how caring Park is. This is so freaking sad.

Andrews and Morgan have something in common

Andrews tells Morgan about his time as a resident — about how residents think they know everything. He lets Morgan know that helping a patient was a great choice, but it might ruin her career.

Claire sits with Melendez as he tells her stories of his youth. As Claire goes to tell him something, he tells her not to. Oh my gosh. Was she going to tell him her feelings about him? I can’t with this right now. He just told her goodbye. EXCUSE ME.

Shaun is back to the task of cutting off the woman’s leg. My stomach doesn’t feel real good right now…oh goodness. 

Lim suggests to Glassman a surgery that could possibly save Melendez. He tells her that she needs to be a friend instead of a doctor.  

Give me the wine

Lim sits with Melendez, and now I am really crying. Next, it’s Glassman’s turn to talk with Melendez. He tells him that he’s the best person he’s ever worked with. I’m sorry…I can’t see from the tears clouding my eyes. Claire comes back in to give him a cross. Melendez tells Claire that she sucks at bowling, and I love how he can keep his humor during this. In exchange, she hates on his tattoo and tells him she loves him. And he says it back. I HATE EVERYTHING! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO THEM!?

Shaun is still working tirelessly to save the woman. Lea’s line goes dead, and she can no longer hear Shaun’s response. Unfortunately, upstairs, Park’s patient passes away. I’m glad he was with him until the end. He calls his ex-wife to tell them he has to move back home.

A paramedic urges Lea to get checked out, but she runs inside instead. She’s just in time to see Shaun and his patient emerge. Well, at least that was a happy ending. Lea kisses Shaun and tells him that she loves him. I am not on board with this.

Rest In Peace, Melendez. I’m gonna go cry now.

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  • Excuse me, I really didn’t ask to cry tonight but whatever. 
  • I love all of these characters! I want them all to survive, and if they don’t, I am going to be hella sad.
  • Catch me screaming along with that woman as Shaun cuts off her leg. *passes out*
  • This episode is so damn rude.
  • I hate this, and I want to throw my TV out the window.
  • My hearts hurts.
  • Claire and Lim hugging just RUINED ME. 
  • He he he can’t be dead.

Well, I am so freaking sad. Melendez was one of my favorite characters — his character really grew over the seasons. What did you think of the season 3 finale of The Good Doctor? Comment below or tweet us!

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