‘Manifest’ 2×12 recap: “Call Sign”

Oh, the tears

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 12, “Call Sign,” aired March 30, 2020.

We are nearing the end of season 2 of Manifest. Time flies, doesn’t it? Okay, that wasn’t supposed to be a pun, but here we are. Since we are down to the final two episodes, I am sure there will be plenty of “OH MY GOSH” moments happening. Let’s see what happens this week!

Talking to the shadows

Michaela, Jared and her partner are interrogating their suspects from their recent bust, aka, the creepy shadows we saw at the end of last episode. And there it is: Michaela tells Jared that she’s getting married. Oof. Well, I feel awkward. He actually tells her he’ll come to the wedding. That was really big of Jared, I must say.

Ben brings out some old family videos of little Michaela with her mom, playing wedding dress up.  Zeke goes upstairs to talk with Cal; I love their little relationship. Cal expresses his sadness toward Zeke dying.

Meanwhile, Saanvi tries to get back into her lab without much luck. 

Exploding and bachelor party…not at once

While Ben is prepping for the wedding, he gets a calling of Flight 828 blowing up. He goes off to investigate the calling at the airport. Ben comes across a fellow passenger while he’s there. The man also had the same vision Ben had of the airplane exploding, and he blames himself for everything that happened with the flight.

On the news, Michaela hears that the drug lab blew up of, you know, the case they were investigating. Saanvi is doing some investigating of sorts on her own, too. She goes to Ben for help and they conclude that the Major is 100% involved in Saanvi’s recent firing. 

Zeke’s mom tells him that she isn’t coming to the wedding after all. She doesn’t want to be in the same room as his dad. Nooo. It’s then that he tells his mom that he’s dying. 

It’s a busy day for Ben

The passenger finds out that his inspection of the plane was okay; it wasn’t his fault that the plane went cray. On his way out of his meeting with the passenger, Ben has another calling of the plane exploding. 

The inmates manage to attack the officers taking them to prison and end up making an escape. That can’t be good.

TJ reveals to Olive that he’ll be heading to Egypt to study. Didn’t see that coming. At the same time, Zeke and Jared have a moment. Grace goes to check up on Micheala, and Michaela tells her to call off the wedding. Ben comes into the room with their mother’s veil to give to Micheala. 

Here comes the bride

Thankfully, the wedding does end up happening. Jared decides to leave, though, and guess who is parked outside the house? You guessed it, the shadows. NOOOO. The ceremony goes on without any interruptions…yet. I am so nervous!

Michaela talks to Ben about seeing her mom during the wedding. In other relationship land, TJ invites Olive to go to Egypt with him. However, she declines the offer. 

Vance is back! And he’s here to help Saanvi, hopefully. He divulges to her that the Major found a breakthrough with Saanvi’s research. Saanvi refuses to hide from the Major, and wow, Saanvi, you go girl!

Ben has the dang calling again as he’s putting his daughter to sleep. As Cal’s playing outside, the shadows arrive. OMG! Michaela gets a phone call from the shadows. THEY KIDNAPPED CAL!

More Manifest musings

  • The fact that Cal is Zeke’s best man is just so sweet, and they literally throw a bachelor party on the spot.
  • Again, another sweet conversation, but this time with Michaela and her dad.
  • Man, the Stones made their house look like a little wedding wonderland. 
  • You know, I’ve made some comments about disliking Jared in the past, but he’s coming around to me.
  • Oh my gosh. Michaela’s dress is so beautiful.
  • Now I really want cake…
  • Poor Saanvi…
  • I thought weddings were supposed to be happy, but this is pretty dang sad. Excuse me, I’m just gonna wipe the tears from my face real quick.

Even though there was a wedding in this episode, and weddings are supposed to be happy, this was another tough episode. What did you think of tonight’s episode of Manifest? We are closing in on the season 2 finale. EEK! Comment below or tweet us!

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