‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×09 recap: “Dillman”

The squad tries to solve a classic “who done it”…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×09 “Dillman” aired March 26, 2020.

In this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the squad tries to solve a very peculiar case: a prank that turned bad. And, with everyone among the squad being a potential suspect, Holt decides to bring the best detective he knows.

So… who done it? Who is that amazing detective? Let’s see all that went down in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×09:

A prank gone wrong

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×09
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Jake is an amazing detective… and also the Prank Master, who pranks everyone among the squad. So, when someone tries to prank him back and it goes wrong, causing damage to the precinct, everyone is suspected — and everyone suspects each other.

In order to solve this case, Holt calls an old colleague, who he considers to be the best detective he knows: Frank Dillman. Played by no other than J.K. Simmons. Another amazing guest star to add to the list!

Jake, who wants Holt to recommend him for a task force, decides to impress him by beating Dillman and solving the case before him. He’s quick to suspect Terry, who isn’t wearing suspenders (AKA. his signature look). Jake found them hidden in his desk, stained with glitter the same color as the one that was used for the prank. Or so Jake thinks.

Because then Dillman comes in and explains that the reflective quality of the glitter on Terry’s suspenders is slightly different from the one used for the prank. In fact, it comes from a project Terry helped his daughters with. So Terry is innocent.

And, according to Dillman, Rosa is the real suspect.

Indeed, she’s the only one who didn’t go out for lunch, AKA. the time when the crime happened. Rosa reveals she was alone in an empty office to watch a soap opera. When things were not going great with her mother after she came out to her, it was the only thing that the two of them could still talk about. Dillman makes her answer a few questions about the soap opera, and comes to the conclusion that she’s innocent when she manages to answer all of them.

Seems like we’re back to square one with no suspect…

Who’s going to get the task force?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×09
Jordin Althaus/NBC

After this, Jake starts suspecting Holt of being the person behind the prank. Indeed, why did he insist so much that his friend (who, Holt tells him, isn’t actually his friend — he only has two of them) would be in charge of this case?!

But Holt has an alibi: he had lunch with Charles. He offered him the task force Jake wanted so bad. Jake’s first reaction is to leave the room, but he’s quick to apologize when Charles comes to see him. There’s still one thing he doesn’t get, though: why did Charles cheer him up and try to help him get the task force if Holt already gave it to him?

Well, it’s because Charles was going to decline the offer. He wants to cut back on hours to be able to spend more time with Nikolaj.

Once Jake is sure that Charles is saying no because of his son and not for him, he decides to go on with his search of the suspect. He still wants to impress Holt. Unfortunately, Dillman overhears their conversation and comes up with a new suspect: Jake himself!


Dillman found a piece of evidence that incriminates Jake, which prompts Holt to believe him and suspend Jake. In turn, Jake accuses Dillman after doing some research of his own. According to him, all Dillman wants is to get the task force, because he’s been fired from the San Francisco P.D. and now works at some hobby shop.

So many plot twists!

So, who done it?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×09
Jordin Althaus/NBC

While Jake and Dillman try to prove the other did it, Charles stops them. He knows who tried to pull the prank: it’s no one from the squad!

Indeed, we learned at the beginning of the episode that because of this prank, a piece of evidence from a case Jake was working on got damaged. It was the only piece of evidence they had for this particular case. It would have been hard to win it with just this piece of evidence, and now it’s pretty much impossible…

With a little research, Charles managed to prove that the prank was in fact just a ruse to get rid of that piece of evidence and not really someone trying to get back to Jake. As it turns out, one of Amy’s officers is the person who put the glitter bomb and the piece of evidence!

This owes Charles a gasp from Jake, who’s very impressed by his detective skills. So impressed, even, that he tells Charles that he should get the task force. He deserves it, and I couldn’t agree more. Charles is an amazing detective!

It’s about time this gets acknowledged.

Some more thoughts

  • I’m so happy for Charles. He deserves the task force, and he truly deserved his moment to shine.
  • Also, once again, this episode proves that Jake and Charles’ friendship is the purest. And that Jake grew up a lot in the past seasons.
  • Rosa said her first “title of your sex tape” joke! Love that.
  • I really can’t wait for Jake and Amy to tell the rest of the squad they’re pregnant.
  • I love ensemble episodes. All the dynamics between the squad are amazing.

And you, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×09? Did you like J.K. Simmons’ character? Hit the comments and let us know!


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