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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×16 “Alex in Wonderland”

This week’s episode brought us back to the good ole’ days. Remember when Supergirl used to revolve around the women of the show? No. Why? It’s been too long. I agree. Well have no fear this episode brought us back. 

Can’t Face Reality


We finally got an Alex Danvers episode and it was glorious. This season Alex went from being the Director of the DEO, in a solid relationship, Crisis/Dead, left the DEO, and now her Father is dead. It’s safe to say Alex Danvers has had one hell of a year. 

Kara, J’onn, and Kelly try to comfort Alex. She can’t deal. Alex does what most people do in this situation and lash out. She yells at Kara, Kelly, and J’onn. Danvers wants to be left alone. Too many people are trying to comfort her and it is overwhelming. 

Ms. Danvers walls herself off from her family. She curls up with a bottle of liquor and jumps into Obsidian Platinum. In Alex’s mind she needs an escape. Even if it is just for a little while. When she appears in VR, she is Supergirl. I feel like we all have been waiting for this moment since the show began. The classic, “What if”, scenario. 



At first it goes exactly how you think. Alex kicks a whole lot of ass. She is a great Supergirl except she can’t get the heat vision thing down. There is a learning curve after all. 

  • She fights a dinosaur. 
  • Stops Hank Henshaw.
  • Catches some bad guys.

The only problem is the longer she and the other players stay in the less the realize they are in VR. One by one the people Alex comes across start to forget this isn’t their reality. Slowly Alex starts to fade as well. Before it is to late, she tries to get out. Her fail safe doesn’t work. Clearly Andrea Rojas hasn’t fixed it yet!

Kelly is on the case!

In the real world Kelly is worried about Alex. She has to put that worry on pause, however, because William needs her help. I’m going to be honest I am not a fan of William and Kara. With that being said, I did enjoy Kelly and William’s team-up. I like when love interest get their own storylines, not centered around their love life.

  1. Kelly and William investigate why Lex Luthor bought 32 satellites. 
  2. This leads Kelly to push Andrea about the glitch in the fail safe. 
  3. Ultimately William ends up in a warehouse where the comatose bodies are being held.

The creepy Leviathon lady has all the failed patients of Obsidian in the warehouse. She has some virtual wall that makes them invisible. When William goes to the warehouse he doesn’t see them. He does find a patient’s bracelet on the ground. 

Kelly arrives at Alex’s. She sees Alex is in virtual and her eyes have gone red. Kelly immediately calls Andrea. Then Ms. Olsen goes into virtual to try to get Alex out. Let’s go into the place your girlfriend can’t get out of. Nothing can go wrong with that. 

Back To Reality


Kelly can’t get Alex out. Andrea suggests to bring someone in that is undeniable. Something that is in virtual but can’t be true. Kelly brings in young Alex. This clearly can’t be possible in real life, so Alex believes her younger self. 

The game turns on her and tries to keep her in. Young Alex shows Alex the death of her Father and helps her face her reality. Alex realizes she must go back and make amends to her family. She gets out of the game. 

Kelly and Alex arrive at her Father’s funeral. She apologizes to Kara, Kelly, and J’onn. Our Alex finally grieves. Meanwhile this leaves William, Kelly, and Andrea still on the Obsidian case.

Chyler Leigh killed it this episode. It was so nice to have Alex back in the picture. This season has been sidelining our women and it is not okay. Last week was a Nia episode and this week Alex. Hopefully next week we get a Lena episode. What did you think?

Supergirl airs on Sunday nights, on The CW. 


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