‘Stumptown’ season 1 finale: “All Hands on Dex”


Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 18, “All Hands on Dex,” aired March 25, 2020.

Okay, it’s time for the season 1 finale of Stumptown! After how things ended last episode, who knows what’s about to happen. Will Grey and Dex finally admit they’re into each other? Will Tookie find happiness again? Will Dex find Benny’s killer? Let’s dig in!

Into the wooooodddddsssss

The episode starts with Dex in the dark woods when she shoots someone, and it’s Grey. She startles awake and is in the hospital. It’s then an officer comes in to tell Dex she’s under arrest for murder. Uh, excuse me?

Cosgrove and Hoffman are on the case for the death of TJ and the arrest of Dex. Except Cosgrove actually wants to do this without him, so she and Kara decide to interrogate Dex. Oh my gosh, Hoffman’s dad is Dex’s lawyer! I really like his dad; he’s got some edge, but I guess that goes with his territory.

Grey’s dad finally showed up after missing the last time he said he would meet with him. The meeting is short, but then Grey calls him back, attempting to make small talk. He even offers to let his dad stay with him while he’s in Stumptown.


Dex goes to Sue Lynn for some help. However, Sue Lynn doesn’t have anything that would help, as she destroyed the army letters from Benny. Ope, I guess she was lying a little bit because she does, indeed, have the letters. 

Grey arrives back home to ask his dad for a favor…he wants to contact a shady man in case Dex needs to run. Then, Grey pays Dex a visit at home. Being the good friend that he is, Grey offers to go with wherever Dex goes. I think it’s so sweet how protective of her he is. However, she choses to escape from her house without Grey in tow. Oh, Dex, when will you learn to accept a bit of help?

And we learn the devastating revelation of who killed Benny. In fact, Dex comes face-to-face with the killer. Apparently, he died from going to see a girl he lost, which has his former sergeant believing he put Benny in harms way. 

Oh la la datey date

Hoffman and Kara have a little lunch date. In fact, he confides in Kara about the file he helped her obtain. Back at the station, Kara seems to be really acting on her jealousy. 

Into confession Dex goes. The father she was confessing her sins to as a tactic to get some info, ends up making a run for it. Not at all shady. She returns to the bar where Dex uncovers a bag of TONS of money. As they’re inspecting the money, Ansel comes back to tell them the police are here. Oh, this is messy.

In come the police, but Dex has made a clear escape already. Tookie and Cosgrove come face-to-face, and thankfully, he wasn’t hiding Dex in the cooler like Cosgrove had thought. That was kinda amazing. Although, Tookie does end up being Dex’s getaway ride. Like I said, amazing. Wait, how did she end up in her car with Ansel driving? That was some slick work.

Action roll

Dex goes to Hoffman for his help once again, but he declines. This time, he is laying down the law, quite literally, actually. Thankfully, Sue Lynn is there for Ansel and Dex, letting Ansel crash at their place for the night. 

Hoffman is in hot, hot water with Cosgrove. Turns out the guy Dex was after ended up dead, but Dex rejects Hoffman’s call when, I assume, he was going to tell her about it. As she and the sergeant are getting ready for a potential attack, Grey shows up at the door. I guess the sergeant ended up being the bad guy after all. I literally let out a gasp during this scene.

It has come down to the last few minutes…We are back in the dark woods with Dex chasing after the sergeant. So, he was the one who killed Benny. Just as he comes close to killing Dex, she shoots him. Oh my goodness. Hoffman ends up on the scene shortly after. He ends up turning in his badge, but Cosgrove discourages him not to. I didn’t see that coming. 

More Stumptown musings

  • I love that Dex lets Grey sit in on her talk with Hoffman’s dad. That is some hardcore trust.
  • Grey just admitted that Dex was more than a friend. Yas.
  • Tookie and Ansel’s friendship is the sweetest, and I love how much of a romantic Tookie is — he deserves some happiness!
  • I love how everyone at the bar is lying for Dex. Team work!
  • I am such on edge!
  • Oh gosh….Grey’s dad ended up being shady, too. Face palm. 

So, about that season 2 of Stumptown….Obviously, I knew there would be a cliffhanger because doesn’t every season of any TV show end with one? What did you think of the season 1 finale? Comment below or tweet us!

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