‘The Good Doctor’ season 3 finale part 1: “Hurt”

Nobody is ready...especially not me

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 19, “Hurt,” aired March 23, 2020.

To say I am ready for part 1 of the finale would be a total lie. In fact, I am low-key nervous about what will happen in this episode. It’s fine; I guess I don’t need happiness in my life anyway, The Good Doctor. The previews don’t look so promising, but nonetheless, here we go!

And disaster

Melendez and Glassman run into Lea at some fancy event. As they’re getting a tour of the place, an earthquake starts to take place, and it doesn’t look good for Lea. Thankfully, Melendez seems okay when he takes a call from Lim. Glassman is accounted for, too, but his shoulder is dislocated. Glassman goes to find Lea as Melendez scopes out the rest of the place. I guess we’re starting off with doom and gloom asap.

Glassman catches Shaun before he goes inside the building to tell him about Lea. Lim, Claire, Park and Shaun are on the scene to assist those hurt. Unfortunately, the woman hosting the event may become paralyzed. Shaun, on the other hand, is focused on finding Lea. He goes down into the wreckage to find her, which I’m guessing will not be good. 

Andrews is in charge of the ER at the moment, and Morgan keeps trying to assist even though she was recently in surgery. However, Andrews is standing strong with his decision of not letting Morgan help out.

Finding Lea

Glassman clears Morgan to help in the ER. Honestly, Morgan just needs to relax. Why is Morgan asking the nurses to call her a bitch? They all do, though, which is quite amusing. At least Morgan knows that about herself.

As Shaun is crawling through the rubble, he starts seeing his little brother. He tells Shaun he needs to get over Lea, and I think we can all agree, but Shaun’s too good and will still help her, despite the possible danger. He stumbles upon another woman trapped. Okay, my queasy stomach was not prepared for this episode. This is gonna be rough.

Lim reports to Shaun that Lea has not been found still.

Drama in the ER

Melendez and Claire are doing surgery on their patient in the middle of the rubble. Claire comes back with a self-made contraption that would pump the woman’s own blood back into her. Claire is so crafty. Meanwhile, Park keeps his young patient entertained during the moment of panic. Lim tells Park that the boy’s spine has been severed. Oh my goodness. Why is this so sad? 

Seems like the woman Shaun is treating is going through similar situations as Shaun. It’s when she’s distracted that he pulls part of the structure out of her shoulder. That just looks like it hurt. Elsewhere, Lim stumbles upon Lea who looks to be okay. 

The nurses in the ER have had it with Morgan. Seriously, Morgan, be a little more compassionate. I would HATE working for Morgan. She would get a lot of eye rolls from me. 

In Taylor Swift’s voice “are you ready for it?”

Park continues to speak to the young boy, but doesn’t disclose the bad news. He convinces Lim of doing a surgery that has the slightest chance of saving his life. 

Shaun’s patient makes him promise that they both move on from the ones who hurt them. However, Shaun says he doesn’t want to move on. He says that Lea makes him “more.” While he tells his patient this, Lea hears everything he’s saying. 

I guess Morgan is going to end up doing the surgery on her patient because she’s unable to find another surgeon. Oh gosh, this is SO not a good idea. Here comes another aftershock of the earthquake. Melendez! Why did he pass out?! OH MY GOSH. Now there is a pipe burst where Shaun is stuck, and I am scared. This is how you’re gonna end it? Come on!

More The Good Doctor musings

  • This is NOT looking good for Lea. Like, at all.
  • I get that not many people are fans of Lea, but they are being way too calm about not being able to find her amongst the disaster. 
  • I am nervous for ALL the characters.
  • Thankful I made over a dozen cookies before this episode because I knew I would need the sugar to cope with the feels.
  • I should have known this episode would be hard to stomach, but man, it’s even worse than I thought. 
  • Man, Claire is SO in love with Melendez; it’s so obvious. 
  • MELENDEZ CANNOT DIE! He just can’t. That shouldn’t be allowed. Okay, I am calm.

When there’s two parts of a finale, you know stuff is going to really hit the fan in the second part. I don’t make the rules here. What did you think of part 1 of The Good Doctor finale? Comment below or tweet us!

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