‘Manifest’ 2×11 recap: “Unaccompanied Minors” is a wild ride


Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 11, “Unaccompanied Minors,” aired March 23, 2020.

If you missed last week’s episode of Manifest, well, you’re gonna want to play catch up. Like most of you, I’m interested to see what will happen next after Jared’s undercover mission and the birth of a new member to the Stone family. Also, get ready for another slight time jump. Let’s see what transpires this episode!

Shadows creeping about

Ben talking about an end of the World scenario…please, not right now, Ben. Michaela is worried about Zeke’s approaching death date. Meanwhile, Zeke attends a group therapy meeting, talking about the anniversary of his sister’s death and the start of his addiction.

Michaela has a talk with the voice in her head, wanting answers…wanting, dare I say, some Charming-like hope. As she’s walking around, she chases after a young boy who stole a candy bar, but she lets him go. You know, per the calling. However, it turns out the boy didn’t just steal a candy bar but cold medicine, which is used to cook meth.

Back at the Stone household, they are dealing with a very loud, crying baby. It’s then that Ben has a vision of a train, but he says the calling felt as if he was about to die. Yeah, you should definitely look into that one, Ben.

Visions galore

As Cal and TJ are hanging out, TJ gets a vision, too. Ben and TJ take off to investigate their callings, heading to a subway stop where TJ saw the Phoenix in his calling. As they’re in the subway, they save a man who was about to jump in front of a train. While they’re visiting the man in the hospital, they uncover a music box with the lullaby that Grace was singing earlier. Huh.

Saanvi and Zeke are back in the lab. To which she also confides that she’s still experimenting. Uh oh, I don’t know about that, Saanvi. Things still aren’t going well with Zeke’s frostbite, unfortunately. Ugh.

Michaela and Jared are out investigating to find the young boy who stole the cold medicine. They find the boy, and he tries to convince them that he doesn’t cook meth. Seems like he works for some shady Uber Eats, minus the food and stuff.

Check mate

I like how Zeke is with the Stone family during Eden’s appointment. Okay, Zeke just revealed that his dad wrote the lullaby that Grace was singing. Did Ben and TJ end up saving his dad? Wow. However, Zeke doesn’t seem too thrilled that Ben found his dad. Despite the bad blood, Ben is trying hard to convince Zeke to make amends with his dad — closure. It’s a full-circle. Ben is literally Prince Charming through and through. 4ever.

When TJ is chatting with Zeke’s dad, he admits that he abandoned his family. Luckily, Ben’s talk with Zeke seems to have paid off because Zeke ends up going to his dad after all. He tells Michaela that he’s going to end his treatments. This decision upsets Michaela, and it also upsets me. Why does this feel like goodbye?! Stop.


Police come to escort Saanvi out of the hospital. Excuse me, what?

Michaela and Jared are on a stakeout, and she lets him down gently. Jared, however, wasn’t planning on starting a relationship with her again but simply wants her back in his life. Then he throws in that he and Zeke might end up being bffs. Now that is something I would love to see! I forgot that Jared didn’t know about the death date. 

Ope. The bus driver ends up being the shady one in this whole meth bust. While Jared follows the other guy out the window, Michaela finds the meth lab, but her calling keeps telling her to “let him go.” So, Michaela thinks “let him go” might be referencing Zeke. 

OH MY GOSH! Zeke proposed to Michaela, and she said yes! Ahhhhhhhh. At least they ended the episode with some happiness, despite the circumstances. 

More Manifest musings

  • Listen, if Zeke dies, that would be the most uncool thing ever.
  • I’ve been vocal about not shipping Michaela and Jared, but I don’t mind if they rekindle a friendship of some sorts.
  • Zeke telling Saanvi Michaela is his soulmate. SO. CUTE.
  • The moment between Zeke and his mom is really sweet.
  • The show always say it’s connected, and boy oh boy, is it ever.
  • My heart hurts for Zeke, but I’m glad he’s getting that closure.
  • When your OTP is canon afffff.
  • That ending was creepy as hell. 

Well, that was one heck of an episode! Plus, that ending, before the creepiness, was just great. What did you think of this episode of Manifest? Comment below or tweet us!

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