‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×08 recap: “The Takeback”

Doug Judy is back!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×08 “The Takeback” aired March 19, 2020.

Each season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes with its iconic Pontiac Bandit episode. Season 7 makes no exception. Indeed, Doug Judy is back in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×08, and he has some big news!

Let’s see what went down:

Doug Judy is getting married…

… but Jake isn’t invited. And of course, he doesn’t take it well. So, when he confronts Judy about it, Judy ends up inviting him to his (very fancy) bachelor party in Miami.

Jake has to pretend to be someone else, though, because Judy’s friends aren’t really fans of cops. His cover is almost blown when Trudy Judy shows up unexpectedly; thankfully, after some convincing (and the promise of fourteen butts), she agrees to help make the others believe he isn’t a cop.

At least, until Doug’s friends reveal they stole diamonds. Jake can’t ignore it — he is a cop, after all. He does agree not to arrest them if they put the diamonds back where they belong, though.

He comes up with a great plan for this “reverse heist”, which works perfectly. Or so everyone thinks, before the police show up in the middle of the party to arrest the criminals.

Jake had to call them.

Doug and Trudy feel betrayed (which is… pretty much how Jake felt in all the past Pontiac Bandit episodes). They refuse to let him in their private jet to go back home.

But as it turns out, this was all a ruse, as it always is when it comes to Doug Judy. Judy put this whole weekend together so that Jake would arrest his friends and he wouldn’t have to invite them to his wedding. According to him, this was easier to do than telling them they’re not invited.

So Jake is invited to the wedding in the end, and even better… Judy asks him to be his best man! Can you believe how far these two have come since their first encounter?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×08
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Captain Holt is BACK

Wuntch is dead, so Captain Holt can rise again.

Terry, who was previously in charge of the squad, tries to make his office look exactly like Holt left it before he was demoted. But Holt has a great sense of detail, and he immediately notices that a business card with a piece of gum on it is missing. 

He asks Terry to put it back, but there’s an issue: Terry threw it away, thinking it was trash.

Thanks to one of the (many) selfies he took when he first moved into Holt’s office, he gets a glimpse of what the business card looked like. He uses the picture to recreate it. Rosa is here to help him choose which of all the business cards he printed looks the most like the original one.

Holt can tell the piece of gum on it is a little different, but he doesn’t question it. Until he mentions the message written on its back.

I’m sorry, what message?!

Terry then has to tell Holt the truth, who explains why this business card is so important to him. It’s from a victim from his first case, someone he couldn’t help. This card is a reminder to never let anyone down again. So, without this card, Holt now feels helpless.

Fortunately, Terry has an idea. He finds the business cards of all the people Holt helped over the years, to remind him of all the good he did during his career so that he can use this as motivation from now on.

A new vending machine

Meanwhile, Amy is looking for a new vending machine for the precinct. She tries to remain discreet about it as she tells Charles, but he doesn’t get why she’s whispering. Hitchcock and Scully overhear them and soon get involved in the matter.

They have a very strong opinion regarding what kind of vending machine they should buy, and Charles also has a few ideas too. So Amy makes them pitch those ideas to her so that she can eventually choose.

Charles wants a fishball machine, while Hitchcock and Scully want a fancy one that also serves (and cooks) pizza. Easy to imagine which one of the two wins in the end. But, while Hitchcock and Scully try to cook their pizza, the power goes out and the machine breaks.

Seriously, what is wrong with this vending machine spot?! They all break down there.

Hitchcock and Scully are devastated but Charles is here to ease their pain. He tells them that everything happens for a reason and shows them how to get free snacks from the other machines. It’s all it takes to make Hitchcock and Scully happy again.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×08
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Some more thoughts

  • Was I the only one unable to look at Amy without thinking “she is pregnant”??? I still can’t believe she is!
  • “Enemies to lovers” is out. The only valid trope is now “enemies to best man”! Seriously though, what a beautiful development in Jake and Judy’s relationship.
  • This season is giving us so much Holt/Rosa great content, and I am here for it!
  • “That’s a great story. Makes me cry every time.” Same Judy, same.
  • What would a Doug Judy episode be without its signature scene in slow-motion?! I love these!

And you, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×08 and the return of Doug Judy? Hit the comments and let us know!


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