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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×15 “The Exorcism of Nash Wells”

This is what happens when we finally see each other in therapy.

The Flash season 6 episode 15 aired on 17 March 2020.

Oh, to be stuck alone with only your thoughts. Don’t all of us relate to that in some way right now?

It’s less fun for some people than it is for others, and it is definitely not fun for Nash Wells. Especially when Eobard Thawne happens to be in your head. As Clairity once said (and Cisco quoted), it’s time for an exorcism.

Hello Sunshine

Let’s talk about rationing. I hope everyone has been able to get their groceries for the week. Elsewhere, Barry has something different to ration: his speed/meta-energy. Of course, he immediately ignores Caitlin’s warnings and uses it when Thawne tricks the team into releasing him from the pipeline by pretending to be Nash.

Barry proceeds to defy Caitlin’s second order: not to use Velocity 9. He ends up interfering with the takedown of another Black Hole meta-minion, Sunshine, who can manipulate sunlight. Sunshine wants to steal a prismatic refractor for Joseph Carver. Incidentally, Eva McCulloch has also sent Mirror-Iris and the newly-formed Mirror-Kamilla after it.

Mirror-Iris is getting better at being Iris. She actually gives Barry sound advice for dealing with the imminent loss of his speed and catching Sunshine: metahumans, for all their power, have limitations. Just because he’s not the Flash doesn’t mean Barry can’t catch villains. Barry helps capture Sunshine by luring her to his CSI lab, where he can shutter the windows and cut off all sunlight. And thank you, The Flash, for giving us Grant Gustin with sunglasses.

the flash barry allen

P.S. David Singh makes a guest appearance. I love that guy. And I’m not sure if I missed it, but his fiancé has now been upgraded to the title of husband. Congratulations, Chief. 

The Ghost of Nash Wells Past

Meanwhile, Cisco recruits Cecile to help expel Thawne from Nash. The first attempt naturally fails. Thawne connects to his negative speed force and almost breaks free. 

Cecile finds the photo of Nash and Allegra’s doppelganger, and realises Thawne is feeding off Nash’s grief and guilt related to the girl to channel his speed force. 

Barry, Cisco and Cecile retrieve the old mental activity devices to enter Nash’s head. Thawne has Nash trapped in a cave tunnel, taunting him with the death of his former partner. The girl, Maia, was an orphan who had snuck into Nash’s tent as a young girl and helped him discover a hidden gem in his loot. Nash took her in as a partner and began to care for her as a daughter. While trying to retrieve a treasure, Nash had Maia scale a cavern wall unharnessed, but Maia fell into the abyss.

The limits of The Flash

In the mindscape, Barry confronts Thawne while Cisco convinces Nash to face the past. Thawne goads Barry for failing Nora as a parent, using Barry’s anger to power his negative speed force. This time, Barry is able to control his emotions. He says he and Nash have to accept their sadness, self-disappointment, and grief regarding Nora and Maia, and stop letting Thawne use it to manipulate them. Nash walks into the memory of Maia’s death and accepts his role in her downfall.

the flash barry allen

Mental-Thawne disintegrates. In the real world, Nash’s body releases a ton of lightning into the atmosphere above Star Labs. Ooh, that cannot be good. I’m sure that would have created some new metas.

A newly recovered Nash sincerely thanks Cisco for helping him face the past. It might have taken more time to get here, but this Wells and Cisco might finally be friends. Cisco even references this himself to encourage Nash to make amends with Allegra. Also, Thawne may be out of Nash’s head, but the other Wellses are still there.

A new speed force?

Barry’s encounter with Reverse Flash gave him an idea. Thawne trained Nora and taught her how to make her own speed force. Perhaps the recipe to building a speed force lies in Nora’s old journal. Let’s hope her symbols translate to something more functional than “This house is bitchin'”.

Lastly, Mirror Iris has somehow gotten hold of the prismatic refractor and hands it to Eva. Eva surmises that her husband must still be looking for her, but that he has another motive too. I still can’t figure out what this couple is up to or what they want with each other.

The Flash takes a break next week. Please take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you all on March 31st!

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