‘Stumptown’ 1×17 recap: “The Dex Files”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 17, “The Dex Files,” aired March 18, 2020.

The season 1 finale of Stumptown is fast approaching! If we could get news about a season 2 renewal, that would be real cool. Let’s see what Dex and the whole crew is up to this episode!

First loves and super secret info

The episode starts out with a young Dex meeting Benny. Obviously it is a flashback because in present time, Dex meets with Jeremy and a Major. The Major has a file that has super secretive information about Benny’s death, but she’s not allowed to see the file. 

Hoffman and his partner are on a mission at some sketchy looking club. During their mission, Hoffman spots Tookie’s wife totally cheating on him. Ugh.

Dex meets up with some dude named TJ from their time overseas. Seems like Dex doesn’t completely trust this man. He abruptly tells her he doesn’t want to talk anymore about it. Well, I’m not a PI like Dex, but this guy doesn’t seem all too trustworthy. 

Laptop passwords are important

Grey tells Dex that he called his dad after all. Hoffman arrives shortly after — Dex needs his help getting some dirt on this TJ guy. However, he’s unable to help her. Hoffman sees Tookie while he’s at the bar and asks how long Tookie’s been married. For a long time. Poor guy. 

As Hoffman and his partner are spying on Tookie’s wife, she reveals she’s been married before. Oh! Hoffman even reveals that he’s been married, too.

Breaking into the Major’s hotel room cannot be good. I guess not as bad as I thought because Dex ended up getting away with it. See, this is why you should install a password onto your laptop like any normal person. 


To keep appearances, Hoffman and his partner get a little cozy in the club. Thankfully, they’re able to bust the girl and the whole dang club. One of the guys he arrests actually works for the DOD. Well, isn’t that just ironic. Looks like Hoffman is going to use that to his advantage to help out Dex. Now, I’m not a police officer, but I am almost sure that’s not how the law works. Right?

Dex brings up to Grey that there was something shady about Benny’s unit. In flashbacks, we see little Ansel, and during that flashback, we see that Benny was truly a good guy. 

Jeremy isn’t too happy with Dex after she broke into the Major’s hotel room. Can’t say I blame him all too much, but Dex is determined to dig up the dirt.


Ope, Dex decides to tell the man that works for the DOD that he can help her or she’ll tell Tookie he’s been sleeping with his wife. DANG! I guess you have to do what you have to do.

Tookie arrives at the station to pick up his wife. She tries to convince him that she won’t cheat on him ever again. Not a good excuse, girl. Tookie ends up walking away from her. Good, he deserves better than that. Grey goes to see Tookie, and he worries that he’s going to lose his truck. This scene between the two men is actually quite sweet. 

I guess the tension ends up to be too much for Hoffman and his partner. It was obvious that was gonna happen from the beginning of the episode.

Ummmm….TJ?! And who is this guy that attacked Dex? Excuse me, I am going to need some answers. 

More Stumptown musings

  • Tookie deserves better than his cheating wife.
  • The music in this episode is GREAT.
  • I think I am starting to ship Hoffman and his partner…whose name I don’t remember…
  • Grey’s dad blew him off, which is rude af in my opinion. At least Ansel is there for him.
  • I agree that Dex needs to get closure with Benny until I can fully start shipping Dex and Grey to become canon. 
  • I’ve probably said this in a couple recaps, but the friendship between Tookie and Grey is just great.

That was a pretty solid episode. What did you think of tonight’s Stumptown? Comment or let us know on Twitter! Don’t forget to catch up before next week’s season finale with our previous recaps.

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