‘Manifest’ 2×10 recap: “Course Deviation”

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 10, “Course Deviation,” aired March 16, 2020.

Last week’s Manifest we got some answers and some things started to make some sense. Kind of. With Michaela locked behind bars, the episode is sure to have some thrills. Let’s see what happens!

Another day, another plane

Ah, Adrian’s father was a preacher, and it seems like they didn’t see eye-to-eye. Back in present time, Michaela is still in jail, and Zeke goes to visit her. Jared comes in and tells her she needs to shut up. Oh, okay, we’re playing along. We get it.

Grace receives another calling, someone calling out to her to help him. Grace and Ben find the spot she saw in her calling. While they’re there, they stumble upon Adrian. Well, welcome back. Apparently, he also heard the calling that Grace was hearing. 

Olive and Cal are spending some quality time together — it’s about time we got those two in a scene together. Wait, so Olive and Cal are actually going to put a guidebook together for their new baby sister? That’s kind of cute. Oh my gosh! I forgot about the picture that Cal drew of the shadow. There’s got to be something more to that…they did bring it out again for a reason.

Stereos and proposals

In a flashback, Michaela’s whole family comes together, stereo included, as Jared proposes to her. Now, it’s a bit different between the two of them. Obviously. And there we get the confession: Jared was undercover. I mean, we knew, but I also didn’t know? Also, I am LOVING their captain. 

OMG! Grace’s water broke as they were talking to Adrian. This definitely does not seem good. The surgery Grace wants to go through to save her baby might result in Grace dying. I am so nervous right now! Meanwhile, Adrian ends up saving a man’s life at the scene of their calling.

Jared arrives to the bar to see they’ve captured Zeke. Okay, so now is also the time where I panic. Michaela decides to check up on what’s happening at the bar because she bugged it. Thank goodness for that! Jared is playing this undercover op so dang well. 

It’s all handled

They go ahead with the surgery. Seriously, they’re not going to kill off Grace or the baby, right? That would be cruel. Ben decides against the surgery after all. Excuse me, this is so sad. I didn’t ask for this. Woah! The man Adrian found is the man who could save both Grace and the baby. Miracles! 

Jared calls in Simon and I think his wife. He’s not too happy about the capture, so his wife suggests they kill him and blame Michaela. These people are CRAZY. As if we didn’t already know that. Outside, Michaela, her captain and their team are about to take some bad guys down. Jared demands that he be the one to shoot Zeke. However, plans change, and Jared turns his gun on the Xers. YAS!

Arresting bad dudes

At least they were able to arrest some bad guys, even if Jared lost his girlfriend. Oh well. The captain tells Jared he left something for him on his desk at the station. Wonder what that could be? Perhaps a promotion? 

Thankfully, the doctor was able to save both baby and Grace. Ben goes to find Adrian, but he still doesn’t believe the callings are for the greater good. We can’t all be former Prince Charmings and be full of hope. As Adrian is walking down an alley, he sees what appear to be the shadows in Cal’s drawings. Freaky af.

Oh! Jared has the opportunity to become a lieutenant. Nice. Additionally, the Stones end up naming their baby girl Eden. So cute. I guess it wasn’t such a bad day after all. 

Great, now the shadows are showing up in Cal’s room. I can’t believe how calm he is about it. I would be crying my eyes out, and I’m an adult…

More Manifest musings

  • Zeke totally doesn’t trust Jared, and I am here for the jealousy.
  • The Manifest writers probably make any excuse to put Ben in his glasses during a scene. What a genius move.
  • I’m glad Jared isn’t a traitor, but I also don’t think Michaela and him are meant to be. Ya know?
  • Michaela’s captain sure is a good actor. I would have definitely been afraid if a boss called me into their office like she did. Thankfully, she’s been in on this the WHOLE time. I never would have guessed.
  • I can’t believe the 360 I did with my opinion about Grace from last season. Ben and her are so cute.
  • This Simon dude is a major CREEP.
  • If we’re about to have another love triangle between Zeke/Jared/Michaela, I don’t want it.

Some good came out of this episode of Manifest, for example, the take down of some Xers. Phew, what a relief. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!

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