‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ preview and character aesthetics

We’re pulled into the world of Motherland: Fort Salem with it’s promise of magic and reversed gender roles. And from the concept alone, I’m hooked. In the motherland we’re already entrenched in Harry Potter and The Hunger Games vibes, and considering I was a pre-teen 2010, I’m very much their targeted audience.

In this world witches are America’s military defense against all things foreign and domestic. Women are on the front lines. And besides the obvious narrative of “women can do anything a man can do” (which is there, don’t worry), I was comforted by the maybe more subtle narrative: women embody that “magic” that sanctions and overtly qualifies them for leadership.

However, we came for magic, and we stayed for the characters and their strengthening dynamics. That is why I traveled back in time to 2012 Tumblr, to remind you all of character aesthetics. They are a collection in fandom circles and honestly a vision board of our favorites, and surprisingly intellectually stimulating.

So, just based off the first episode I watched, here are the character aesthetics for the main three:


Raelle, from first impressions is a Slytherin but is actually a true Gryffindor through and through. The rebel of the group that has a promising romance with another witch Scylla, isn’t so gung-ho about the cause but searching for the same purpose (or death) her mother found.


Now, Abigail is the Slytherin (and y’all, no Slytherin slander is tolerated at She’s ambitious and comes from a long line of military witches, and eager to due her family proud.


Her loyalty is her outward trait shining through in the pilot, and it’s what automatically places her in house Hufflepuff. Tally is determined to make her military service mean something, and therefore make her magic mean something. She was the key bringing together these different women, and as a result, is very skilled in reading people.

Catch Motherland: Fort Salem Wednesday, March 18, at 9/8c on Freeform! 



Lynsey is a proud Hufflepuff. Find her watching anything from BoJack Horseman to Grey's Anatomy. She loves to read... especially if it features dragons and a good cry. If you ask her what she's doing she will most likely respond "I probably should be writing." Find her on Twitter, to theorize, geek out, and to obsess about Olicity.

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