‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×07 recap: “Ding Dong”

It happened!!!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×07 “Ding Dong” aired March 12, 2020.

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was full of surprises, to say the least. From an unexpected death to some even more unexpected news coming from Jake and Amy… a lot happened during those 20 minutes of craziness! 

Let’s see everything that went down in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×07:

“Ding dong, the Wuntch is dead!”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×07
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Madeline Wuntch, Holt’s greatest enemy, is dead.

Terry tells the squad in a meeting at the beginning of the episode, but Holt doesn’t believe it. For him, she’s faking it.

I wish… but it’s not the case. Wuntch is dead, as proven to Holt when he takes a look at her open coffin. Her death doesn’t stop him from hating her, though, and he doesn’t even try to hide his happiness.

But then he receives a video she recorded before her death. In it, she informs Holt that she told everyone they reconciled and he’s in charge of planning the funeral. She knows he won’t be able to say anything nice about her, which will lead to him being fired from the NYPD.

Holt is desperate. It’s impossible for him to say anything nice about her. So Amy suggests he should just say the opposite of what he’s thinking. It (literally) makes him sick at first, but then more or less works when he has to greet people at the funeral.

There he meets Adam, who claims to be Wuntch’s one true enemy. Holt feels betrayed and even jealous of this other man. He is supposed to be Madeline’s true enemy! But the two eventually team up together thanks to Amy and Rosa’s advice that it would be the best thing to do to get back at her.

As it turns out, though, Adam isn’t who he said he is: he’s Wuntch nephew, here to end Holt’s career. He leaks a video of Holt saying horrible things about Madeline. For some reason, Holt isn’t worried. Indeed, this funeral wasn’t real, because he knew Wuntch would do something like this.

It’s only when the real funeral happens that Holt starts realizing he’s actually sad about Wuntch’s death, and makes a very beautiful speech, coming straight from the heart.

R.I.P. their rivalry! I will miss it greatly.

Kwazy Fathers

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×07
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Meanwhile, Jake is facing a dilemma. He received four VIP tickets for the premiere of the Kwazy Kupcakes movie (remember that game?!), and he has to choose between Charles or Terry to accompany him. They both want to take their kids to the premiere.

In order to help him decide, Jake gets inspired by a story from the Bible and tells Charles and Terry that he’s going to cut the tickets so that both of them will get them. It doesn’t work, though, as neither one of them will capitulate and they’re both ready to let Jake destroy the tickets.

Of course, Jake doesn’t do it, and Charles and Terry start to try bribing him. They bring their kids to the precinct, who all thank him for offering the tickets when he hasn’t made a decision yet. They then try to give him more and more money, outbidding each other, until Jake eventually snaps.

He tells Terry and Charles, who previously refused to let fate decide with the toss of a coin, that they have to figure things out. It doesn’t take long before they come up with a solution: they’re going to have a boxing match!

Jake is surprised that Charles would agree to do this, because he’s certain Terry is going to win. And I don’t blame him — I mean, have you seen those muscles?! Yet Charles manages to take Terry off guard with his secret “strawberry basket” punch. None of them wins the match.

In the end, Jake makes the decision to take the three kids to the premiere all by himself. Charles and Terry are more than happy with this outcome: not only will their kids be happy, but they’re also gonna get some free babysitting from Jake!

Jake and Amy and baby… FINALLY makes three!!!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×07
John P. Fleenor/NBC

The end of last weeks episode left us in tears, as Jake and Amy had to face yet another negative pregnancy test. And if she admitted then that she didn’t know what she wanted to do, in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×07, it seems that she now does.

Indeed, when she learns about Madeline Wuntch’s death and starts crying, Amy tells Holt and Rosa that she’s taking hormones that are supposed to help with ovulation and this is one of the side effects. But being overly emotional isn’t the only one: it also makes her angrier, and makes her sweat heavily, as seen several times during the episode.

(Speaking of: can we take a moment to appreciate how good she looks, even in a choir robe?!)

She brings back the topic in a conversation with Jake when they’re at home. She talked with her doctor and, according to her, those side effects have nothing to do with the hormones she takes. Jake starts getting worried, but Amy is quick to reassure him. She’s fine.

We could even say great. Because her doctor had another guess why she’s been acting like this. Amy takes a pregnancy test out of her pocket; and this time, unlike all the ones she took in last week’s episode, it’s a positive one!

So, yes. Jake and Amy are having a baby. Already! I didn’t think it would happen so soon, and that’s what makes this pregnancy reveal even better than everything I could have imagined.

Watch me cry over that hug over and over again.

Some more thoughts

  • Jake with the kids at the movie premiere… I would have liked to see it!
  • I’m going to miss Madeline Wuntch so much. Petty Holt is my favorite, and his insults towards her were always so hilarious.
  • The fact that Rosa teamed up with him was also so funny. I love this pair, they work so well together.
  • Charles could “sense” Amy and Jake’s pregnancy reveal in his sleep! He truly is the Ultimate Peraltiago Shipper.
  • It’s always a pleasure to see Nikolaj and the twins on the show, even for just a few minutes. Where’s Ava, though?!
  • Jake and Amy are gonna be parents!!! How amazing is that?!

What did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×07? Hit the comments and let us know!


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