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‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 finale: Top 3 moments from “Liberation”

Freeland in jeopardy!

Black Lightning 3×16 recap: Season 3, Episode 16, “The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation,” Aired Mar. 09, 2020

In Black Lightning 3×16Freeland is in serious jeopardy as Odell plans to blow up the town, in order to take out Gravedigger; Henderson and the Resistance fight back at the Markovian’s and Gravedigger, however it leads to sad consequences; Grace also gets caught up in the cross-fire while attempting to stop Gravedigger; and much more.

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of the Black Lightning season 3 finale in more detail:

#1 Gravedigger’s threat to Freeland

At the end of last weeks episode, Lynn hinted to Jefferson that he may have to consider killing Gravedigger if it becomes a matter of life-or-death. As it turns out, this situation arose in the finale.

Odell plans to destroy Gravedigger by nuking Freeland, which would therefore kill many innocents lives just to take him out. Of course this causes serious alarm, leaving Black lightning and Co. to help save the day. Lynn works on an anti-booster to inject Gravedigger with, so that he would become powerless (for a brief time – enough time to take him out). Lynn also gets Jefferson to agree to her plan to help stop Gravedigger.

Inside the Pit, Black lightning and Gravedigger have a serious fight. Luckily for them all, Lynn shoots Gravedigger with the injection, leaving him with no powers. This made an easy fight between Black lightning and himself. He gets knocked out, but Odell initiates the explosion to go off in minutes. Before it was too late, Black lightning flies off with Lynn before it was too late. Moments later, the Pitt explodes. Is that the end of Gravedigger?

#2 Henderson’s death

Henderson comes face-to-face with Gravedigger, while on his way to the Pit. Henderson and the Resistance do their best to fight and take down Gravedigger and his army of metas, but it wasn’t enough. Gravedigger uses his power to make them all “sleep”. After that, Henderson defends Black Lightning and the team, outside the Pit, but again another attack happens – but this time from the Markovian’s. Despite taking out many and putting up a good fight, Henderson gets wounded really badly. Sadly, his wounds ultimately results in his death. There was a bitter-sweet moment, as Black Lightning held his best friend in his arms, while he took his last breath. At least (if anything) Henderson died the best way he possibly could – defending the people of Freeland and taking down the enemy. 

Poor Henderson had a tragic ending. I really loved his devotion to Freeland, and all that he did to keep his people safe. I’m glad Jefferson was with him in the end, and that he didn’t die alone. 

#3 Grace goes into a coma

Gravedigger uses his mind-controlling abilities to trick Grace into attacking Anissa. His order results in Grace and Anissa battling against each other, until Anissa has no choice but to defend herself. Anissa’s blow to Grace causes her to sadly go into a coma. NOOOO these two JUST had their happiest moment. Why, oh why, so we have to ruin things for them? These two deserve nothing but happiness, instead comes a horrific situation which may mean the end of them. When patients are in comas, there’s an inability to predict when they may wake up. It could be 5 days, or 5 years. Damn, I’m emotional over this. Do you think Grace will come out the coma and be OK? Let’s hope that season 4 is kind to Anissa and Grace.

Let me know your thoughts on the season finale and predictions for season 4 – I wanna know what y’all think! Don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. FYI, make sure to keep up-to-date with my recent posts here!

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