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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×07 “Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac”

Welcome back, Legends! This week’s episode was pure gold. It was the perfect combination of family feels and humor. Damien Darhk returns for his final encore! 

Damien Darhk Returns


Two years ago Damien Darhk died, or did he? We begin the episode as Damien rises from the dead. He is the latest of the encores to resurface. He stole Gary’s time watch right after he died then zapped himself to the present. 

Speaking of the present there is a lot going on at the moment. Ray, Behrad, and Nate are prepping for Ray’s big proposal to Nora. Proposal? Yes our Mr. Palmer plans to pop the question. With the help of Gary, Ray has a big night planned for Nora. 

Unfortunately Nora’s fairy duties get in the way. She has to bring her charge to John’s house for dinner. Much to Ray and Nora’s dismay. As if that wasn’t enough, they have one more dinner crasher, Damien. Daddy Darhk is here to visit his Daughter. Poor Ray. 

Too Many Lies


Damien is back after two years. He has no idea what has transpired. Nora, full of fear for her friend’s safety is determined to keep the truth from him. Ray and the team take it the wrong way. They feel she is hiding them. She begins to tell a web of lies, that quite frankly get hard to keep straight. 

  • Nora and John live in his house together as a couple. 
  • Sara and Ava are her henchwomen. 
  • She is an evil sorceress. 

The lies continue while they eat. She manages to persuade Sara and Ava to play along so she can have one evening with her Dad. In exchange Nora, with the help of Gary, will make a potion to rid Damien of his powers. This will make him a regular man. Sara hesitant, agrees. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to kill him every moment. 

You’re a Father


Back on the Waverider Rory is working out some things. Rebecca Silver has a troll online. Someone keeps posting mean statements about his book and him. He does not show it well but this hurts Mic’s feelings. Zari is tasked with helping him. 

Seeing as she is a celebrity and all she has her fair share of trolls. She works with Rory to try to find out who his troll is. First she tells him not to engage. Send them a signed copy of the book. Zari believes trolls are secret fans that are upset no one pays attention to them. 

  1. The troll burns the book. 
  2. Zari hacks the server and finds the trolls address. 
  3. She writes a script for Rory to use when he confronts his troll. 

Nothing goes as planned. His troll ends up being a teenage girl. None of the script will work on her. Rory finds out it is the woman he hooked up with at his reunion’s daughter. The woman tells him, the young girl is actually his Daughter! 

The Truth Comes Out

The potion is made. Gary puts it in the chocolate pudding. He serves them to the table, however Damien doesn’t take the right one! Instead he takes the one with Nora’s ring in it. He assumes John is trying to purpose to Nora. Ray arrives. Nora can’t take it anymore, she spills. 

“Sara and Ava aren’t my henchwomen, they are my friends. And Ray, Ray is the one I am with.”

This is too much for Damien. He freaks out. Damien uses his powers. He and Constantine fight, but ultimately Constantine loses. Nora’s charge has had enough. She wishes everyone into Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac to resolve their issues. This girl is getting things done!

A Wedding to Remember


Now, the moment we have all been waiting for, the answer! Nora says yes. Was there any doubt? Damien reveals all he ever wanted was for his Daughter to be happy. If she is, then he is okay. It’s about time Damien came around! Nora doesn’t want to wait. She tells Ray she wants to get married now!

The wedding is adorable. Everyone is in attendance. Damien walks Nora down the aisle, the whole thing. It’s what happens afterwards that is shocking. Damien says goodbye to Nora. She thinks he is just leaving. Sara follows him, he proclaims he must go back to hell. His job was to wreak havoc in exchange for his freedom. Instead he went to see his Daughter. 

Sara lets him go, only to realize he took the hell sword. When she follows him she sees him take his own life with the sword. Goodbye Damien. You have been redeemed. 

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday night at 9m, on The CW. 





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