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‘Supergirl’: The Evaluation of “The Bodyguard”

I will be honest Superfans, this episode was probably the weakest of the season. Instead of going into a recap, I want to discuss the season up to this episode. “The Bodyguard” hit a boiling point. It is time to process why. Time to air some grievances.

1. Stop it.


We didn’t want it. We begged for it not to happen. There is no chemistry. There is no reason. Viewers have been forced to suffer through this relationship. No matter what the fandom needs, in the end the show does whatever it wants. 

If you are like me, you know what I am referring to. At the end of “The Bodyguard” Kara agrees to go on a date with William. The writers are going there. Regardless of our pleas we will be forced to suffer. Apparently the 100th episode never happened. The show ignores the fact that Kara turned him down and that he was jerk the entire first half of the season. 

Why? I literally have no idea. It is happening so I guess we just accept it and move on?

2. Brainy is a villain.


One of this season’s themes seems to be turning very good people into villains. There are many versions of Brainiacs in the comics and a large chunk of them are villains. This is not a surprising turn of events, but the fact that they are taking Brainy on this dark path at the same time as Lena is a little much. 

Brainy’s logic is absolute nonsense at this point. He lies to his friends again. He risks the lives of 60 percent of the population for Lex Luthor. Does he honestly think he is going to make it out of this? We are still left wondering how this helps him defeat Leviathan. 

3. Where is Lena?


Apparently at some point in time this show became all about the men. When did Brainy, William, and Lex start to get more screen time than Kara, Alex, and Lena? I believe the title of this show is “Supergirl.” 

Jon Cryer is a phenomenal actor. There is no question about that. However, this show is supposed to be about Lena Luthor and Kara For-El. Now all we see is Lena and Lex in a lab. Does Lena ever get to leave the lab? Sure. 

She left the lab straight into a prison this episode. Lena went to start human trials on the prisoners. Did that mean we got some fantastic Lena content? Absolutely not. Instead we got an excessive amount of Lex scenes. When do we get our Lena screen time back?

4. Our Light


Our only saving grace this week was Miss Andrea Rojas. Obsidian Platinum launches. Naturally this means someone attempts to assassinate Andrea Rojas and destroy the tech. It is a classic Terminator situation. An anarchist believes Obsidian Platinum will enslave people, which of course they will be right by the end of the season. Not right now. 

Turns out the assassins husband committed suicide because he could no longer handle being in the real world. She is determined to stop the launch at any cost. This causes Supergirl to act as Andrea’s bodyguard. At the end of the episode Andrea finds out she has powers.

Post-crisis Andrea never found out she has powers. This means Leviathan had to use her in other ways. Now that she knows she has powers, what will become of her?

5. Positive Mind

Supergirl is a show full of love, family, action, and hope. The characters are intriguing and their bonds are pure. The actors are solid and the story is impactful. I refuse to give up hope. I know our show will get back to its roots. 

It has gone a little off course, but it will come back to us. Bring back our core team. Give us some Alex and Kelly scenes, some Nia joy, John’s heart, LENA, and Brainy’s charisma. We deserve it and we miss it!

Supergirl airs Sunday nights at 9pm on The CW. 




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