‘The Good Doctor’ 3×18 recap: “Heartbreak”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 18, “Heartbreak,” aired March 9, 2020.

We are nearing the end of season 3 for The Good Doctor. Who’s not ready? I sure am not ready. Shaun will be dealing with his second heartbreak in such a short amount of time. Let’s dig in!

Junk food for days

Shaun is going through the stages of a bad breakup, that’s for sure. Claire is there to try to pick him back up, and I’m so glad she’s there for him. Their friendship has been my favorite since season 1. She refuses to leave his apartment without him — he’s going to work even if he doesn’t want to.

Claire, Shaun and Melendez’s patient agrees to do whatever surgery they see fit. Their patient seems to be double-timing, and Claire refuses that she have any part in helping him cheat by keeping the two women apart while at the hospital. Claire, don’t let yourself be talked into this!

Morgan is seeing Glassman again about her arthritis. He suggests that she switch to oncology, but Morgan is apparently above it. Glassman is as good as pissed about Morgan not accepting her condition.


Melendez simply tells Shaun that he’s being a jerk. In the break room, all four residents are gathered. Park and Morgan are each giving their two cents for Shaun to let out some grievances, but Claire just wants to find out a solution for their case. 

As Shaun and his patient are talking, his patient passes out. Melendez says he’s at high risk for pneumonia. Shaun tells his patient he shouldn’t go through with the surgery they suggested, and Melendez is not okay with Shaun disagreeing with them.

He leaves to go home, but Melendez follows after him, basically telling him to get his butt back inside. Though, he tells Shaun that his heart has been broken a couple times during a short period of time, but he still came to work like it was all ok. His last word of advice is that Shaun would have no job if he didn’t get back inside. Dang, Melendez! Laying down the law.

Baseball bats + cars

Lim tells their patient that they have no choice but to amputate both of his arms. However, he’s having a hard time coming to terms with that. Ultimately, he gives them the green light to go ahead. 

Uh oh, Shaun’s patient’s girlfriend finds out about his other girlfriend. So, naturally, she beats his car with a baseball bat. I can’t say that I blame her. While attending to the woman’s wounds, she seems to have given Shaun some ideas. 

Morgan finally tells Lim about her arthritis. She also tells Lim that this will be her last surgery. That’s really big of Morgan to admit that she needs to think about her health first and her career second. We all know how much Morgan loves her job, too. Despite the news, Lim entrusts Morgan to help complete the surgery.

Letting it GO

To make Shaun feel better, Glassman tells him about his first heartbreak. Eventually, he got over it and wants Shaun to know everyone goes through this. It’s, unfortunately, the circle of life. No matter how painful or sucky it is.

Lim and her team help their patient work his new prosthetic hands and arms. This is such a heartwarming scene. Thankfully, Shaun and Claire’s patient is healing well, too.

At the end of the night, Claire goes to Melendez. There is definitely some tension here! Claire’s face walking out makes me think the feeling is mutual. Hmmm. Meanwhile, Morgan tells Glassman that she’s going to have the surgery so she’s able to still be a surgeon. He’s not too happy with her choice. 

The nurse from earlier ends up at the same bar Shaun is drinking his feelings. Oh goodness — Shaun is contemplating smashing Lea’s car, but she shows up in time to stop him. He tells her that she hurt him and goes off on her. Aw. Claire is dealing with her own feelings as she’s spending time with Dash. Perhaps it’s because Melendez is in her head? She ends up speaking to her therapist, revealing SHE’S IN LOVE WITH HER BOSS!!!! WHHHHATTTTT!

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • My girl Claire *insert clapping emojis* 
  • Shaun definitely has an attitude this episode, and Claire isn’t afraid to shut him down.
  • What’s up with the tension between Lim and Andrews? In the end, Lim’s judgment is all about what she thinks is best for the patients. 
  • Melendez and Claire talking about her relationship with Dash is awkward because one of them is into the other. FOR SURE.
  • OMG…the patient trying to set the nurse up with Shaun. 
  • Women supporting women, always!
  • I’ve missed the bonding moments between Shaun and Glassman. 
  • Shaun going off on Lea…man oh man. That was actually brutal, and I can’t believe I feel bad for her. 

The finale of The Good Doctor is in two weeks, and it looks devastating! I am kind of nervous about it. The last few minutes of this episode had me shook. What did you think? Comment below or tweet us!

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