‘Manifest’ 2×09 recap: “Airplane Bottles”

Tensions flare

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 9, “Airplane Bottles,” aired March 9, 2020.

Okay, there is a storming brewing in tonight’s Manifest episode! Get comfortable because you are in for one wild ride. Pun is totally intended — after all, it’s me who’s writing this. Let’s see what happens!

Back on Flight 828

The beginning of the episodes lands us back onto the airplane and then Cal startling awake. Hey, welcome back, Cal. Back at the Stone household, TJ is staying with them as he continues to heal. Olive is ready to figure all this crap out.

Cal reveals that he thinks he was there when the flight disappeared. Well, that could be quite the breakthrough to this whole mystery. 

Michaela and Zeke are sitting down to breakfast. He asks Michaela what she wants to do if Saanvi’s cure can beat the death date. She wants to see the World. When she arrives at work, Jared confronts her. However, she’s called into a meeting with some important looking people. Oh, Jared, you are in TROUBLE.

Uh, Saanvi?

The side effects Saanvi has been facing are not good. Zeke tells Saanvi that he’s not up for the treatment quite yet. I think that’s a good choice on his part, but Saanvi needs to get better. The only doctor that she trusts to help her is Alex. 

Seems like the higher-ups in the police department think Michaela has it out for Jared. What the heck is going on here? Michaela isn’t the bad guy! Man, Jared, you are a douche canoe. Wait….Michaela could face going to prison?! EXCUSE ME. These agents are super suspicious about Michaela’s case solves. Now they’re saying she is plotting these crimes. This is WILD.

Ben tries to get Cal to talk more about his calling. It would seem that the storm Cal, Ben, Grace and TJ are seeing isn’t actually happening. That’s certainly interesting. Ben concludes that it’s a calling. TJ and Olive are back to figuring out the journal. 

It’s stormy out

Grace is helping Cal build his vision, but he’s getting more upset as the minutes pass. Poor kid. Meanwhile, things are getting hazy for Grace, and Ben is just annoyed af. Ben comes to the conclusion that they are all going mad. Yeah, I would agree with that.

Seriously, I am so confused about this questioning with Michaela. They are dead set on blaming Michaela for the fire at the nightclub. I can’t even believe these people. Jared goes to Simon, Ben’s shady coworker. Of course he’s only concerned about the negative effects that he would face. Sure, throw Michaela to the wolves. Honestly, Jared is the worst.

Alex comes to Sannvi’s rescue. She gives her an injection that will help stabilize Saanvi. When Saanvi wakes up, she seems to be less wired than she was before. Saanvi tells Alex to forget about her, but she says she won’t. Aww, Saanvi.


At least Michaela’s union rep has her back. Or not. Jared has a flashback to the union rep talking with Simon, and he realizes that Michaela wouldn’t make it downtown to continue the questioning. So, he ends up arresting Michaela in front of all her colleagues. I am so confused! Is her protecting her or not? HELP ME UNDERSTAND. He tells her, as he locks her behind bars, that he saved her life. So, he’s not shady after all. I’m kind of relieved. 

Back at the Stone’s, they are still working to build whatever contraption Cal’s seeing. This is some whacky stuff that’s happening. Lightning is starting to strike, and Ben races back to the book. The lightning bolt that is in the book is the same one Ben saw outside. The book flashes the spiderweb that Cal has been talking about.

Finally, everything is connecting. And now they are on a boat, and they end up seeing Flight 828 while on the boat. When they come to, the storm is gone. Apparently, the author of the book is hella connected to them all. They also think, according to the author, following the callings is the only answer, and Saanvi’s research is 100% bad. Uh oh.

More Manifest musings

  • Michaela and Zeke are domestic af.
  • I like Zeke and Saanvi’s blossoming friendship. He’s really looking out for her. I stan Zeke!
  • Can we just leave Michaela alone? Goodness.
  • Tensions are certainly arising.
  • Phew, this episode is intense. Everyone is at each other’s throats.
  • This episode kind of reminds me of the OUAT episode during the Shattered Sight spell. What a throwback for Josh Dallas.
  • In the back of my mind, I knew Jared wasn’t bad, but I’m still shocked that he’s not after all. 

To say that was an interesting episode of Manifest would be an understatement. That was super intense. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us!

You can catch up on the rest of season 2 here.

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