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‘Black Lightning’ 3×15: Top 3 moments from “Freedom Ain’t Free”

Gravedigger mayhem!

Black Lightning 3×15 recap: Season 3, Episode 15, “The Book of War: Chapter Two: Freedom Ain’t Free,” Aired Mar. 02, 2020

In Black Lightning 3×15, Anissa and Grace take things to the next level, and announce they are getting married; Lynn discovers that Gravedigger is related to Jefferson after cross-matching their DNA samples; Jen goes after Gravedigger alone, but soon learns what a mistake it was; and lastly, Black Lighting attacks Gravedigger after he had to revive Jen.

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of Black Lightning 3×15 in more detail:

#1 Anissa and Grace get married

Anissa invites the whole fam round for dinner with her and Grace, before the war begins. Jen jokes they are having the last supper, and everyone laughs. To be honest, she might be right depending on what happens with the Gravedigger. Everyone thinks it’s just a normal dinner, but in fact Anissa and Grace have an announcement: they are getting married! OMG – yay! This is the best #ThunderGrace news ever! I know it may sound soon, but I think as long as they are happy then why the heck not? Lynn doesn’t seem too pleased, but after some reassurance from Anissa, Lynn looses the feeling of unease over it. 

Well, how about that … Anissa and Grace married for real! Here’s to happy news in among all the crisis.

#2 The truth about Gravedigger

We learn a lot about Gravedigger in this episode – mainly the reasoning behind why he is attacking Freeland in the first place. Decades ago, the US Government experimented on Gravedigger, which led to him being the first ever meta-human created. He also describes his time during World War II, and we learn how he got his nickname. Basically, he dug the graves for fallen soldiers, hence the name Gravedigger. Even after the experiment was over, he still carried on his duty and went on to bury all the people he ended up killing. 

As much as you want to hate Gravedigger, you are able to understand his motives. Gravedigger wants to gather all the metas who had been experimented on and held captive etc, and then take them to Markovia. He doesn’t want to build a super meta army – he simply just wants to free them. That’s kind of understandable right? It’s hard to hate the thought behind everything he is doing. If only Gravedigger could not kill anyone or lead to the destruction on Freeland in the process, all would be well. 

The most important information we gain though this week about Gravedigger, is his relation to Jefferson. Lynn compares Jefferson’s DNA (5 times to be exact) to Gravedigger’s and it is found to be a match. We learn that Gravedigger is actually Jefferson’s Great Uncle, which then explains why the Pierce family are the only stable meta-humans. WOW, who’d have guessed it? Can’t believe the new villain causing mayhem to Freeland is actually part of the Pierce family. Some how I don’t believe the family reunion will go smooth.

#3 Jen and Jefferson going head-to-head with Gravedigger

To make matters worse with the Gravedigger situation, if Gravedigger isn’t conquered, then the Government plan to nuke Freeland. Brilliant. Just what we needed. Of course, Black Lightning won’t let it get to that stage. But that might mean he may have to drop his code of not killing anyone. Lynn brings this up, and Jefferson isn’t happy, but she has a point. For Black Lightning and the kids to stay alive, it might mean that Jefferson will have to take him down for good. 

Later at the wedding, Jen rushes off when she learns about Gravedigger’s location. Jen goes all in when she tracks him down, and blasts Gravedigger and his crew. All go down except Gravedigger. He tries to talk Jen into freedom but she has none of it and blasts him again with electricity. The fight gets heated and Jen swiftly learns she’s in way over her head and shouldn’t have ran off on her own. 

Painkiller turns up and ends up tossing Jen into an electrified perimeter and gets majorly electrocuted. Jen goes unconscious and it doesn’t look good. It’s not until Black Lightning turns up and has to shock her heart to bring her back. OMG, isn’t she lucky? Looks like he is returning the favor after Jen shocked Jefferson after Painkiller attacked him at the school. 

Jen getting badly hurt produces a serious anger in Black Lightning. He gathers up a ton of electricity and goes running at Gravedigger. Looks like Jefferson may drop his code of honor after all. Aaaand that’s where the episode ends. Well, looks like we will have to wait till next week to discover Gravediggers fate.

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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