‘The Bold Type’ 4×07: How Jane’s scare hit close to home for Katie Stevens [Interview]

At #aTVfest, Katie discusses Jane's decision.

The Bold Type has never held back when it comes to chronicling Jane’s medical journey, and The Bold Type 4×07 is no different. After a scare, Jane makes a huge decision about her future and her health plan.

Jane has decided that she is going to have a preventative double mastectomy. 

It is a huge step for Jane, but it is clearly one that gives her a sense of ease that we haven’t seen in her in such a long time. The Bold Type‘s exploration and unfiltered portrayal of Jane’s medical journey has been moving, emotional and informative. 

At #aTVfest in Atlanta, we chatted with Katie Stevens about this episode and Jane’s big decision in The Bold Type 4×07. 

“Jane has her information, and she wants to – with that – make the best the best decision for her life moving forward,” Stevens said. She also shared a rather personal connection to Jane’s story-line in this episode.  

“Because I have been doing Jane’s story-line I have learned that it’s important to check yourself and before going to work one day, I actually found a lump in my breast. I had to go to a specialist and found out that it was benign and I’m fine and it was normal, but at the same time, I was freaking out.” 

In The Bold Type 4×07, Jane is doing a self examination before work and finds a lump. She immediately goes to her doctor to get the lump checked out. It’s a scary moment for Jane, but (thankfully) it turns out to be a false alarm, just like Stevens. 

“I got a script like the day after and that was the story-line – that Jane finds a lump in her breast and I was like – am I just the most method actor of all time?” Stevens added. 

Stevens went on to say that she credits her character’s story-line for reminding her to check herself regularly. It’s a lesson we can all take away from Jane and her health journey. Jane’s decision is what she has decided is right for her, but may not be for everyone. 

“Even though that’s Jane’s decision, if you’re faced with that, it doesn’t have to be your decision. The takeaway being – have the information so you can have your options on the table,” Stevens added. 

We couldn’t agree more. Information is key. 

For more information about breast cancer and self examinations, head to www.nationalbreastcancer.org.

Watch The Bold Type Thursdays on Freeform. 


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