‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×06 recap: “Trying”

These are trying times for Jake and Amy as they try to get pregnant…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×06 “Trying” aired March 5, 2020.

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine might have lasted only 20 minutes for us but, for our beloved characters, several months went by. And of course, a lot happened during that time. And it left us Peraltiago shippers in tears.

So, what went down exactly in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×06?

The Jake, Amy… and Hitchcock Ways

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×06
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Jake and Amy are trying for a baby. That we’ve known since the season 7 premiereIn “Trying”, they’re now doubling their efforts to make it work. And it starts with the so-called Jake Way.

AKA. some roleplay that ends with them having sex in an Airbnb. But unfortunately, no pregnancy. So, they try to do it the Amy Way. Which, as we can all guess, consists of a lot of scheduling and vitamins and healthy eating habits over the course of several months.

Such a way can increase their chances of getting pregnant by 19% but still, it’s not enough.

So, when they learn that Hitchcock and his new girlfriend are having a baby, they decide to try things, well, the Hitchcock Way. They get drunk and want to have sex in Shaw’s bathroom, in an alley, back at the precinct. Unfortunately, they get interrupted every time.

This is the last straw for Amy, who’s really tired and tells Jake the next day that she’s done trying. It shouldn’t be so hard to get pregnant.

Like the awesome and supportive husband he is, Jake comes up with a wholesome speech to reassure her. He tells Amy that they’re already a family (which is a very important point, to be honest!) and as long as they’re together, he’s happy with whatever they choose to do. Which is, for the time being, to stop thinking too much about trying.

Okay. Can you hear me crying?!

They still end up leaving Shaw’s and having sex. But once again, the test comes back negative.

So, Jake and Amy didn’t get pregnant at the end of the episode. It must have come as a shock for many people (including myself) who thought they would. But you know what? I’m fine with it.

Obviously, it broke my heart to see their teary-eyes and sad smiles in that last scene — Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero really are amazing at expressing emotions through their eyes, from their famous heart-eyes to this. But this episode would have hit very differently if it had ended on a happy note. I feel like it’s more impactful (and realistic) this way.

Plus, this means that when (if?) they do get pregnant, it’ll be a complete surprise for us and I am HERE FOR IT! Just imagine how happy they (and we) will be then! Totally worth it, if you ask me.

Hitchcock’s fairytale love story

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×06
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Jake and Amy aren’t the only ones struggling with their lives. Indeed, Hitchcock, who just got a divorce, quickly found someone else at his divorce party. His soulmate, according to him. Who gave him her real number.

So, where’s the issue? Well, he ruined the napkin on which she wrote said number. All he has to remember her by is a tooth that fell off her mouth while they were eating pizza.

Scully, always the romantic, suggests that they should use the tooth to find the woman. If a woman has a hole in her mouth and the tooth fits, then it’s her! A very modern reinterpretation of Cinderella, I must say.

And just like any other fairy tale, this one has a happy ending. Well, rather a happy middle of the story. Because Hitchcock indeed meets with the woman again after months of searching for her. After that, things escalate quickly: she gets pregnant and the two decide to get married.

The ceremony happens at Shaw’s and is officiated by Scully. And you know what? It’s actually (surprisingly!) very sweet. At least, until Amy, who’s completely drunk, makes a speech and reveals to the woman’s family that she’s actually pregnant.

It was supposed to be a secret. Oops?

Ensues a long argument in Russian between the woman and her family. Holt, who’s been walking the same street for the past months as part of his mission as a beat cop, learned the language thanks to the woman who sells him coffee every morning. He’s able to translate the conversation and reveals that Hitchcock isn’t the baby’s father after all.

In the end, Hitchcock’s story concludes just like it started: with a divorce party. It all comes full circle.

Claire + Claire = a lot of baby Claires!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×06
Jordin Althaus/NBC

While everyone else is focused on their love stories, Charles has to deal with a guinea pigs problem. He bought two for Nikolaj’s birthday, but his son is allergic. So he now has to find someone else to take care of them.

Since Terry doesn’t want him to keep them at the precinct, Rosa helps Charles find a place where to hide them. She knows the perfect closet: one that’s full of creepy dolls. No one ever goes in there. (Usually.)

Problem is, Claire and Claire are a male and a female, so what were only two guinea pigs looking for a family soon turns into a family of twelve. And the number keeps growing over the course of all the months that pass during the episode.

In the end, there are six hundred of them.

Charles and Rosa obviously have a hard time finding them a new home. Somehow, though, they still manage to keep their existence a secret from the rest of the squad. That is, until Jake and Amy decide to have sex in the closet where they’re in and let the guinea pigs escape.

Terry is finally the one who finds a solution to this huge problem: he’s going to send them to a friend’s lab. Don’t worry: he promises no one will run tests on them. Charles and Rosa act offended at first but they’re in fact relieved to finally see this nightmare come to an end.

Some more thoughts

  • The whole time jump scene was different than what the show usually does, and it was really well executed.
  • We might not have gotten a pregnancy reveal but we did get so many Jake and Amy scenes (and kisses!) in that episode. My Peraltiago-loving heart is thriving! Their love story is such a beautiful one.
  • Rosa and Charles are hilarious. I love this friendship so much.
  • Holt and Terry also are an iconic duo. I keep saying this, but the relationships in this show are all so well-written, it’s hard to have a favorite.
  • It’s been brought to my attention that Charles’ guinea pigs might actually be called Claire and Klare. You know, as a reference to Fleabag. And I just LOVE this idea.

What did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×06? Hit the comments and let us know! Can you believe we’re already halfway through the season?!


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