‘Stumptown’ 1×16 recap: “All Quiet on the Dextern Front”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 16, “All Quiet on the Dextern Front,” aired March 4, 2020.

We are heading back to Stumptown this week. Dex comes face-to-face with memories, and Tookie and Grey take to teaching Ansel some flirting. It should be interesting to say the least. Let’s see what happens!

Peace out, LA

The episode starts off with Grey and Dex crashing for the night, but there’s a slight problem. One bed and two people. Ope! For one moment, I thought they were going to hook up, but I thought wrong. Dang it! Upon their arrival back home, Dex has a new case from the veteran we met a few episodes back. 

There’s a flashback to Dex’s time overseas as she works to help her client get her kids back and clear her name of a crime she didn’t commit. Her memories keep haunting her, though, and she abruptly goes back to her house. When the memories become too much, she trashes her house. Poor, Dex. Thankfully, Grey comes over and tells her that he’s here for her if she needs to talk. I love their friendship.

Oh, seems like Ansel has a crush. Tookie trolling Grey about his past relationships…this guy. The two men start to give Ansel tips on how to ask his crush out onto a date. This is the best thing ever. Tookie even says to throw in some pickup lines to woo the girl. Pickup lines are NEVER a good idea.

Flashbacks and Twitch

In a flashback, Dex interrogates a wife of a man who might be planning an attack. The woman is worried about her children and asks Dex to get her children in exchange for information. Back in present time, Dex is questioning her current client. She admits that she went against her parole, bartending at a gambling place.

Daddy issues come to light as Grey has a deep conversation with one of his bar patrons. When Dex arrives, she asks Ansel for help navigating Twitch to clear her client’s name. In flashbacks, her commanding officer proves to be difficult. Dex blames herself for what happened in the flashbacks. Wait, is that how Benny died?

Hoffman and his partner are out investigating the victim of the case Dex is also working. Is there something between Hoffman and his partner? 

Froyo and flirting

Ansel works up the courage to ask the girl at the froyo place out on a date. Grey tells Tookie about why him and Dex aren’t together, and Tookie calls him out that he wasn’t talking about her. Oh, Tookie is totally onto him. He knows what couple to ship.

Dex is working to make the real suspect of the crime fess up so that her client can get her children out of foster care. Turns out, the woman confessed to what she did and her client is able to get her children back. Yay! 

I like how Tookie just keeps talking to Grey about his relationship woes. Grey tells Tookie that he’s not what Dex needs right now. No, no, I think the opposite. You are what she needs, man!

The truth

Dex heads to talk with Sue Lynn. She wants to tell her about Benny’s death while overseas. Oh gosh — this is going to be painful. I think it’s really big of Dex to face her fears, her past. She wants Sue Lynn to blame her, but surprisingly, she tells Dex she did the right thing. 

When Dex comes back home, Grey is in her house. Just friends…? Okay. Ansel is also there with the news that he’s moving back home. Good! The veteran Dex has been helping out said there’s more to the story than she knows. Hmmm.

More Stumptown musings

  • They really played us…I thought the unresolved tension between Dex and Grey was going to be resolved. 
  • Grey and Dex’s friendship makes my heart swell.
  • So, does Tookie ship Dex and Grey, too? I knew I liked him for a reason.
  • Okay, Tookie and Grey may be one of the best duos on the show.
  • Dex’s confusion to Twitch was honestly me.
  • Whoever writes Tookie’s lines is a genius.
  • Aw, why is Grey such a good friend?

The finale is fast approaching! What did you think of tonight’s Stumptown episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!

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