‘The Good Doctor’ 3×17 recap: “Fixation”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 17, “Fixation,” aired March 2, 2020.

After Lea’s response to Shaun at the end of last episode, I am very curious to see what will happen next. Also, I can’t decide what’s more dramatic: The Bachelor or The Good Doctor? I guess we shall see!

Blowing off plans

Shaun doesn’t seem to want to hang out with Glassman, not even responding back to his text messages. He admits that he’s upset about Lea but believes that they can still be together. Aw, Shaun, she’s not the girl for you.

Shaun, Claire and Melendez’s patient has a condition that nobody can label. As they’re doing some research, Shaun asks how Melendez made Lim fall in love with him after they’ve been friends. Speaking of friends, Shaun calls Lea over to his apartment, but she just appears to be annoyed by him.

Morgan and Park’s patient needs emergency surgery. During the surgery, Lim asks to see Park. Huh. I guess his son was caught vaping on the premises. 


Shaun and Claire’s patient wasn’t being completely honest with her husband…or her doctors. Apparently, doctors have given her a diagnosis. Shaun tells her that she may have a diagnosis, which isn’t a bad one because tumors are removable. Claire and Shaun end up finding a new diagnosis for their patient, which isn’t a tumor but is something acting as one.

Melendez finds Claire with a box of recipes from the man in the beginning of the episode. He asked her on a date, but she’s hesitant. Melendez telling Claire that she deserves to be happy makes my heart swell. I’m also secretly relieved that they’re not directing their relationship into something romantic. I like their friendship.

Park finds out that his son has been having panic attacks. His ex and him want their son to see a therapist.

Annoyed af

The interaction between Shaun and Morgan in the break room is low key pretty amazing. Morgan even agrees that Lea is trash — well, in so many words. Again, there are moments when Morgan actually has good insight. 

For Morgan and Park’s patient, they are working on saving his life. One of the kids he mentors ends up being a match and wants to give him his kidney. However, the hospital doesn’t believe it’s a good idea. Sigh. 

The surgery for Claire and Shaun’s patient ends up being a success.

Final decision

Unfortunately, Lim doesn’t clear the kidney transplant for the patient. Well, I guess that’s that. The patient asks Lim for a favor, which ends up with her breaking the news to the teen that his kidney is not a match. I hope the patient ends up being okay. Side note: Lim is such a well-developed character, and I need more of her in scenes. 

Claire does end up having a date with the guy. They bake together, and I guess it doesn’t go well. The date does, but not the food. Anyone else having a hard time placing where we’ve met this guy before?

Back at the hospital, Shaun insists that Lea and him should go on a date. Again, she rejects him, but he tells her that she should give him a chance. Dang Lea, that was cold…but maybe Shaun can finally move on from her. He deserves someone who will treat him well and love him for him.

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Claire, Shaun and Melendez are the perfect trio.
  • I wish they would’ve left Shaun and Lea friends…they were never meant to be more than that. Bring Carly back.
  • Morgan saying hot Cheetos isn’t food for self-respecting adults? Excuse me — hot Cheetos are AMAZING.
  • The husband giving his wife an ultimatum is crappy. 
  • Omg that zit popping video Morgan was watching was so gross. How do people watch those so casually? So disgusting.

The season final is nearing. AH!!! What did you think of this episode of The Good Doctor? Comment below or tweet us!

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